The Jinx Program

JINX Programs are a revolutionary idea that is finding favor with EVERYONE interested in the art of magic, whether he be an amateur or top flight professional. Never before has there been a series of completely routined programs, explained in detail, ready for your presentation. Never before have professional secrets of distinction been carefully and correctly arrayed with a cloak of showmanship. NOW it is possible for YOU to have at hand any number of complete programs ready for your immediate use and covering all situations.

No. 1 — A CLUB ACT OF MAGIC (25 minutes - Brief case) No. 2 —A ONE MAN MENTAL CLUB ACT (30 min. - Brief case) No. 3 —A MAGICAL CLUB PROGRAM (30 min.-small suitcase) No. 4 —A "NO CARD" MAGIC ART (30 min.-small suitcase) No. 5 —"NO CODE" TELEPATHY (30 min.- brief case)

Each complete program, in uniformly printed book style, fully illustrated

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