The Jinx

There has never been anything to equal the JINX Magazine. Ted Annemann's own idea of a thoroughly practical — and fearless — publication such as the "JINX." Through 151 issues it demanded and received every last quota of magical knowledge and psychological research that only an Annemann could give.

Every variety or type of magic is here. Ball Tricks, Bill Tricks, Billet Reading, Book Teste, Brain Teste, Cards and herein are some of the most unusual card effects and miracles. Cigarettes, Coins, Silks, Match, Slates, Programs, Spirit, Thimbles, Ropes and Ribbons, and some of the greatest mental effects of the present day.

"The JINX" No. 1 to 60, 25c each. 61 to 151, 15c each. Also Nine Special Issues, $1.00 each. Index 1 to 50, 25c; 51 to 100, 25c; 101 to 151, 25c.

Bound copies of JINX No. 1 to 50, including all extras and Index.

Jinx Nos. 51 to 100 with extras and Index 12.00

Jinx Nos. 101 to 151 with Index? 10.00

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