The Jinx Extra Cocktail

Mix four parts of gin with four parts of pineapple juice. Into this put a tablespoonful of lemon juice and follow with a double dash of bitters. Now throw in six lumps of ice and shake as though trying to do the Sucker Die Box trick in fifteen seconds flat. Pour and consume. The Jinx publisher will present a set of the new manhole type cocktail glass coasters to the magician who can 'go for' three of these and then find his wand in time for the supper show.

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(Note: This effect is exactly as written by it's originator, Mr. Bays, 13 Glllshill Rd., Hull, Yks., England. It has a novel presentation and in the author's own words sounds very refreshing for a change. Ye editor was afraid he might lose this spontaneity should he toy with the wordage.)

This is a colourful little effect, apparently impromptu, and can so nicely be fitted into your act. The preparation required may be completed in a very few minutes so I will firstly describe how the spectator sees the 'flash ribbon restoration.1

Look I The magician is just beginning another stunt and we must try to catch him out this time. He takes two reels of ribbon, one of yellow and the other a light blue colour, and requests a choice of either. One of the audience shouts out yellow so yellow it is and the magician discards the blue reel. Snapping a suitable length from this reel and holding the broken length of ribbon in his right hand he takes a pair of scisaors in left hand from a vest pocket.

A mysterious wave of the scissors and a magic pass with the right hand causes the ribbon to levitate hanging downwards into space, altogether mysteriously. Snip, snip go the scissors, and the ribbon is cut in half, but more magic, the cut halves do not fall apart, just lookl They float apart both levitated and the cut ends being several Inches from each other. The magician takes the top piece of ribbon and very slowly, as if controlled by the left hand, the underneath portion of ribbon rises and comes up to again join the other piece.

We cannot see whether this Join really takes place for the magician has bundled the mystery ribbon up and wrapped it in a piece of paper which was protruding from his breast pocket. This tissue paper parcel is now in his right hand and ----- My!

V/hat a vivid flash as that paper was thrown up in the air, and there is the length of yellow ribbon floating down to the ground to be given out for examination 'restored.' Well, it deserves a clap, don't you think so, readers?

The method is so delightfully simple and presentation is of course up to yourself but you should be able to put it over effectively because the misdirection is excellent.(Ed., And it is.)

Say the length of ribbon decided on is IS inches cut this length from the yellow reel and ditto from the blue. Take a length of fine black thread and fasten it to one end of the yellow ribbon. Thread a needle onto end of thread and bring it through the other end of ribbon. There should be now a fair length of thread left and the end of thread should be fastened to a vest button. (See diagram) Fold the ribbon up and conceal it behind the right coat lapel where it is held in position with a pin. Treat a blue ribbon in the same way but conceal it folded in a vest pocket. Behind coat lapel on the right side must be a little pocket a kind of servante easily accessible. The blue ribbon is in vest pocket fop emerfency as it should not be difficult to persuade a choice of the yellow ribbon. A pair of scissors are stuck in vest pocket on the right side. In breast pocket is a piece of flash paper and behind it a parcel of flash paper in which is a duplicate yellow ribbon.

We are now ready; break off a length of yellow ribbon and blindle it up in the right hand. The exchange for a threaded ribbon is really simple but very subtle. The right hand takes hold of ooat near lapel and holds it aside while your left hand takes out the scissors. It is in this misdirecting move that you leave the real ribbon behind, in the servante behind lapel, and exchange for the duplicate threaded ribbon.

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