The Itinerant Dollar

Jacob Steisel.

A dollar bill, the number of which has been recorded by a spectator himself, travels into a cigarette and from there to a lemon. From this spot it may find its way to a sealed box or envelope, or even another kind of fruit.

Explained in many books has been the principle of changing the last figure on a bill to match the number of another, both bills being the same otherwise because they were secured in new form and with consecutive numbers. Mr. Steisel makes possible with his idea as many as ten duplicate bills through the simple process of erasing the last figure of each with a common ink eraser!!! Thus it can easily be seen how apparently the same bill may be found in different places and checked each time. It is merely a case of loading the various spots and either handing out or planting the bill to be used.

Try to borrow a bill with the naive statement that you want to try a feat of bill burning which you have learned. It is good for a laugh and after the short stall for looking around say that evidently the audience would rather have you use your own. Take out four or five bills and hand one

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