The Improved Buckley Method

Mr. Meyer's system of stacking the cards was contained in the Buckley effect of about 15 years ago. However, his handling of the papers is much simpler and as practical as was the block of wood with holes in it. Also, Mr. Meyer dispensed with the idea of having a number on one paper to tell the subsequent location of the selected card, changing this part to make possible the prediction of two cards rather than one.

Now we can take the Buckley idea and use it in conjunction with a full set of 52 papers via our pocket indexes, predicting a card to be selected by one person and also predicting the position it will be in the deck afterwards.

The deck is stacked a la Si Stebbins, or in the "Eight King" fashion. The suits rotate over and over in your favorite order. Nov/ you have to practise a little behind the back subtlety which was given me several years ago by W. John Gallagher, of Cairo. Egypt, and which to date has not found a precise spot in these pages. Give each of your right four fingers the name of a suit, using the order in which your cards are stacked. Now touch each finger in turn with the thumb of the same hand, over and over, saying to yourself only the values of the cards as stacked --- A,4,7,10,K,3,5,9,Q,2,5,3,J,A,4, etc., or 8,K,3,10,2,7,9,5,Q,4,A,6,J,8,K,3, etc., depending upon which system you use. Whenever you stop, you note which finger your thumb is then touching and that tells you the suit. Thus you are able to run through a stacked deck in your mind as fast as your thumb can count.

False shuffle and cut the deck a couple of times. Note the bottom card as you place the deck before a spectator. That tells you the top card's identity, the place from where he will start collating off. Now write upon the colored slip, "and the card will be found 14th from the top of the shuffled deck." Scribble anything on the white piece of paper. Fold both and drop into the container, finger palming out the white one.

Now ask the spectator to think of any number from 1 to 52. Then he is to start dealing the cards off one at a time onto the table so' as to make no error, and when he reaches his card he

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