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Instead of the usual brief summary of National Council proceedings we are enclosing a complete transcript of the March 1st minutes. Most of the business is in abstract, but the report on the subject of M.U.M. is transcribed verbatim. Your National President, Treasurer,and Secretary believe that all Assemblies should be presented with a full report of what has happened, and not Just excerpts and partial quotations which might be misunderstood. You are urged to study this carefully and to bring it to the attention of any or all of your members who are interested in the true facts concerning the M.U.M. matter.

There is no ballot enclosed with this rooort for the simple reason that there is now nothing on which we oan vote. The National Council decided that M.U.M. for 1941-42 should consist of a total of 48 pages (4 pages per month) bound into all copies of the magazine of our choice at a cost not to exceed $2 per member; and that the magazine should submit a contract based on the 8 point business urogram outlined in our letter of f'eb. 18th. The National Secretary was instructed to write immediately to the Sphinx asking if they would submit a bid on the above basis. A reply was reauested by March 8th so that the Secretary could then send out a bulletin and ballot to all Assemblies.

No answer has been received from The Sphinx as of MarchlOth. Instead, the Sphinx has taken advantage of the interval during which we were waiting and unable to submit a report, and also taken advantage of the addressograph plates of all S.A.M. members, to send each and every one of them a letter and a bulletin giving the Sphinx' point of view, and drawing •conclusions which are hardly flattering to your National Officers and chosen Delegates to Council.

As the dead-line of March 8th has passed without an answer from The Sphinx; and based on the subject matter of the bulletin sent by The Sphinx to our members, it is ao^arent that The Sphinx no longer wishes to be considered as a medium for M.U.M. On the other hand, The Genii has submitted a proposal in keeping with the wishes of National Council, and in addition has agreed to the 8 point plan of management, saying, "They merely represent sound business." Therefore, acting on the instructions of our National President, we are writing the Genii asking them to submit a Contract for handling V..U.M. for the year 1841-42.

Please note that no personalities are involved In our inability to reach an agreement with The Sphinx. The entire matter is one of dollars and cents and the protection of the interests of our members. The S.A.M. and The Sphinx have enjoyed friendly relations for many years, and we sincerely hope these will continue. Y/e now transfer our subscriptions and the printing of M.U.M. for 1941-42 to another splendid magazine, The Genii. The Editor, Compeer Laraen has outlined a program which we believe will be fully appreciated by all of us.


Leslie Pt Guest.

Leslie Pt Guest.


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