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Every once In a while a principle makes its appearance and allows of being used in many varied ways. Over a year ago Dr. Daley brought out, in Jinx pages, Introduced a method of using four pieces of plain silicate (four flaps) to obtain a spirit message. The following effect combines that with another 1-dea which has found favor, and thus a magician's dream easily becomes a reality. In an impromptu manner and at any time or place, you can produce a phantom answer THAT IS A DIRECT REPLY to any question written by the spectatorl

Carry with you merely four silicate slate flaps about 4x5 inches and a piece of chalk. For the stage or club use pieces 6x9. Prepare by writing on one side of one piece a dummy answer, such as, "It will occur sometime next year." Place this board writing side up 3rd from the top. Be sure you dot one so you can not get top and bottom mixed. Place these four in pocket or on table as case may be. Put chalk in left coat pocket.In same, pocket have matches.

To start, show a piece of paper about 2*3 inches. Draw a mystic oval long ways across center and give to spectator with the request that he write any question to which he wants an answer. Then he is told to fold paper once each way, writing inside. You take folded paper, and with long folded side to your right tear it.lengthwise slightly to left of center. Plaoe right hand piece behind (side nearest to you) other, tip them to left and tear the pieces again slightly to right of center. As you finish tear left thumb draws back pieoe tinder it and right fingers combine their pieces with single pieoe left in view in left hand, drop

ping them crumpled onto an ash tray, the left hand going to pocket for matches leaving the stolen paper behind.' The matches are given to spectator to bum paper.

As this is being done you take the silicate flaps from pocket, saying that you will try to get an answer by automatic writing. Hold them flatwise in left hand. With a cloth rub off top surface. Turn top flap over to clean other surface. Let it be apparent that sides contain nothing. Lay this top piece on table. Clean top surface of next. Make a double turnover now, the next two pieces TOGETHER as one, clean apparently the underside and lay the top single piece on table. The dummy message is UNDER this second flap put on table. Continue with the other two. Four flaps in a row. Ask the spectator to point to two. Discard or pick up as the case my be, so that you now hold two flaps together, dummy message facing up and between. Hold in right hand and talk to spectator telling him to think of his question. Left hand goes to pocket for chalk and also secures the paper. It Is brought up behind flaps, and held with left thumb as right takes chalk. The paper Is folded but twice and In hand, you can readily see how it may be opened v/ith aid from right fingers.

Now you apparently get Impressions, writing on the surface towards yeu. Actually you have read question from the t&rn out center of paper, and WRITE A DIRECT ANSWER TO IT. Finishing, chalk and paper go back to pocket. Repeat aloud your DuiiMY answer, asking the person if (continued on jjape 337)

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