The Acme Thought Card Pass

Dr. Jacob Daley and Annemann.

For many moons a popular card effect among club and drawing room performers has been to pass three thought of cards from a stack of 15 to another stack of 15, both packets of cards being sealed in envelopes. A long time ago I tried to figure a method for doing this with unprepared cards and in an impromptu-like manner but never seemed able to develop it. Dr. Daley and I were talking when the subject came up and his agile brain almost immediately figured the method as given here and which is perfectly practical and very effective. The general effect has been changed somewhat insofar as the number of cards used and passed is concerned. There is a reason for all of this and we respectfully ask that it be tried as herein described before the reader attempts any variation or improvements.

Get a stack of about six business size envelopes. Use any deck, but prior to the presentation put any two cards into the top envelope (with the flaps facing you as you hold the stack in the left hand) and then turn the flap down in back of the envelope. Put any eight cards in the second envelope. The flaps of all but the top envelope are left opened outward. The stack of envelopes now appears ordinary.

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