The Ace Of Mechanical Decks

Seven Utterly Dissimilar Effects Possible

With The One Deck Three Extra Mysteries Thrown in for Bood Measure

The Ultimo Pack Contains No Duplicates No Strippers No Marked Backs No False Indexes No Printed Device No Particular

Skill Required


Writing something on a piece of paper, you drop it into a hat, which remains in full view. A. Any spectator examines and shuffles a pack of 52 cards (no duplicates). Taking it from him, without exchange, you remove 20 cards, five of aach suit. You mix them, and the spectator does likewise and looks to see if the suits really are mixed. He'll say so! He gives them an additional mixing for good luck and places the packet face down on tne table, it is covered with an unprepared newspaper, and, on any suit's being named, you instantly produce from under the paper the five cards of that suit, repeating with the remaining suits. 1. Returning these same 20 cards-to pack, you deal same into a few heaps, picking same up in any order suggested, so as to mix the suits better. Then you genuinely shuffle the pack. A freely selected card is placed face-down on lower half of deck, and upper packet is dropped onto it, absolutely burying the card. You show from both sides that every card in pack faces in same way, and instantly cause the selected one to invisibly reverse itself and lie face up among the backs of the otners. Repeat, or: 2. Shuffle and deal pack from both sides, a card at a time. They'll swear you're playing fair. Yet, on command, with no manipulation, pack rights itself, every card facing same way, deck being freely shown, both sides, and fan..ed or dealt out a card at a time. Repeat, or: 3. Shuffle same pack, and have a card drawn. While it is in the spectator's possession you learn its identity by the subtlest principle imaginable.No marked backs, and you don't see his card at all. This with a snuffled pack! Repeat indefinitely, or: 4. A freely chosen card is returned to the same pack. You have no idea what it is until it is named, yet, with no sleights or passes, you spell its name, transferring a card from top to bottom of pack for each letter, and the card remaining at top of deck is the chosen one! No duplicates or forcing. Repeat, or: 5. Any one cuts pack and instantly you know whether he has cut off an odd or even number of cards. Repeat, or: 6. A freely chosen card is returned to pack. A number is named, and counting down to that number the card is found there! Repeat, or: 7. A number is named, after pack is huffled and cut. Instantly you name the card at that number, and count down and prove it. Repeat, or: B. Shuffle the same pack and deal into a few faee-down packets. Spectator selects three packets and shuffles same as much as he likes. He names a color. He deals off a card at a time from his packet till he comes to one of the chosen color. You extend to him the hat that has lain in plain sight throughout your performance. He removes the folded paper and finds written thereon tne name of the very card he stopped at! C. The same cards are returned to the pack and shuffled. Three are freely selected by as many spectators. Each in turn buries his card in deck by cutting, placing his card on the heap and completing the cut. And you shuffle before the return of each card. All three lie buried in pack. First party names his card, and, with no manipulation ^whatever, you spell his card, dealing onto the table a card for eacn letter. The card remaining at top of pack is his card! Repeat with the other two. The means employed is beautifully subtle, and a different principle from that in Trick 4 is involved. Thoroughly shuffling pack, and not exchanging it, you pass it for inspection!

If you doubt the truth of any statement in the foregoing straightforward description, ask Dr. Wilson, of the SPHINX, F. G. Thayer, or any one who has the outfit.

Put up only in best grade Bicycle cards, witn a printed instruction sheet, 11 by 17 inches, embracing in its nearly 5,000 words of text, explicit directions for every feat herein alluded to.




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