Present this trick in slow motion, explaining to your audience that,which you use sleight of hand just like any other conjuror,yours is the new invisible kind. Have a specif- tator cut any num-IW^ her of cards from ' V the deck (any number is right), and look at the next card down» He' puts his card on top of pack, cutting it to the slow motion, without the slightest move of any kind, the performer runs through the cards and shows that the chosen card has turned face up in the deck.

The spectator is asked to remove it from deck and hold for a moment. The performer patters a bit like this, "When a card that is buried in the center of the deck turns over a3 that one just did, you realize, of course,that it must have had to pass through all the other cards in the deck. This creates a good deal of frlc tlon - does the card feel rather warn? No? iour sense of touch can't be working today. Turn the card face down. The person does this and discovers that the blue backed card is now a nice bright red. "You see, It's red hot, just as I thought"

The performer throws the rest of the cards down, saying, "And don't ask to see that again for it's an expensive trick. I ruin a deck every time I do it, for once a card gets as hot as all that it stays hot indefinitely and nobody lias yet been able to cool it off." And, (continued on page 315!




Outdoing the miracles of the Bible, the modern mystery man causes a camel to go through the needle's eye! Aa for the problem of a rich wan entering the Kingdom of Heaven —we haven't worked it out. Personally,It would just class as useless information.

The performer (dressed in Arab costume I) makes a crack about having to keep his camel continually on a leash and exhibits a Camel cigarette with a two foot length of thread running throug it, one end of which is securely fastened to a large button. Also he shows a package of needles.

The audience examines everything and then picks one of the needles, a spectator threads the needle so that reading from left to right on the thread you have, button. Camel, needle. a small opening is torn in the center of a piece of newspaper which is about a foot square and the spectator runs the thread through It also. See sketch.

The spectator is told to draw slowly on the thread,pulling the camel through the needle's eye. He does so and shortly the camel is seen poking its head through the opening in the paper. At this point most of the spectators will suspect that you've pushed the needle through the cigarette and will expect to see it still on the thread between cigarette and button. However, the button also comes through the opening and the performer's hand comes out from (continued on page 316)

Conventions are pretty well over except for the P.O.A.M. fest at San Jose in July. We are batting .300 this year by missing them all, and for silly reasons too, which doesn't help our temper. The S.A.M. convened at Cincinnati a few weeks before the I.B.M. closed in on the same city. Both-orgs were sponsored by looal groups which isn't a bad way to get advance ticket sales. Prize diplomatic boner was the publicity release which said, "There was a magician's convention in Cincinnati only two weeks ago (the Society of American Magicians) but these, it appears, were the more high-hat people of the craft. The International Brotherhood of Maglo-ians is the more democratic and more numerous and just as full of tricks." I know, don't tell me - it was the reporter's fault. But he must have been given that impression, and whether it be true or not, it doesn't look so hot in print. (Look who's talking!)

That last issue paragraph re the deLaurence catalogue bore much fruit. You'd better get it quickly before they clamp down. Those who saw it (in somebody else's hands) have been saying they didn't realize Jinx tips were worth so much. --- Dai Vernon opened at the Rainbow Room Grill, N.Y.C. on Jim.20 with his new Harlequin act. Pour tricks but quite high in value they say. Review next month. --- Hardeen into the Leon and Eddie spot same date, and Russell Swarm still at Savoy-Plaza. Magic picking up In N.Y.C.

for summer, it seems. --- Richard Dubois on air over WOR June 2 with "Magic on the Air" program. We dropped In to watch it. Before program Dubois did Al Baker's Card and Chewing Gum, a gag with string of attached dollar bills, and rising cigarettes for studio audience. On air explained burning sugar and pencil breaking with bill (still catalogued) among others and wound up with revelation of total of added dates by listeners (also catalogued), solution to be sent to all requests. In betwixt was comedy (the part that got most minus marks from reviews) and a dramatization of bullet catching trick. Discussion among local magi centered on further programs getting deeper into good material (there won't be anymore, though) and expose of switch and graphite bullet for the hoodoo trick. As the only one doing the stunt to-day I disagree on latter revelation because it doesn't mean a thing if all of the old ways are told. Modem guns and bullets do away with all of that stuff. And what's more, the principles used in the bullet trick cannot be applied to any other trick in magic, and exposing it as it used to exist (it couldn't have been right or so many wouldn't have been wiped out) doesn't hurt a single trick of this age. However, the Sec'y of National Assembly isn't in best position to broadcast a series of tricks - unless he wants to be president.

On your "must" list put "Death Prom a Top Ifet by Clayton Rawson. Release date July 15th. All about murders in sealed rooms and such with daylight vanishes etc., that make for a swell evening Cast is all made up of characters you'll delight in tying up with present day magi you know they must be taken after. Pay-off is the actual S.A.M. ladies' night at N.Y. Hotel McAlpin with program 'neverything climaxed by a delightful shooting affray. -— If you want a "different" rope idea to let the "cutting" rest, try Melbourne Christopher's Stretching a Rope, in booklet and plenty Illustrated. We hiehlv re commend. Mitchell Kanter publishes and if you haven't taken last month's advice order Tom Osborne's 3 to 1 Rope Trick at same time. Both a great relief from the usual. — A squeezed in line or so gives thanks to Lloyd Jones for his nice Genii remarks about us not being crusading knight, but laying facts on line and letting the reader think about it or not. The first Jinx (it seems like years) in Oct. 1934 said in second line of official bow, "neither is It (Jinx) a crusading sheet with a chip on each shoulder and a woodpile in reserve." Editrivia has always been a space filler. We have never mentioned it In ads, or boasted of sagacity. We hate innuendo and believe implicitly as does the typical upper-class Englishman (we have a few unpaid debts, tool) who has a very simplified view of the world. Either a thing is correot and "done" or It is incorrect and "not done"...and no nonsense about it. We sell the Jinx because of its contents magically. The Editrivia is our personal bit of graft.

Thinking of Genii reminds that the covers are really superb photographically and several are framing each photograph. Tip to'W.L. - keep the white type on black backgrounds so It can be blocked out by those who want to frame without words, and buy an extra copy so as not to mess up their file. --- Charles Larson had an awfully nice party at his Savoy-Flaza apt, in honor of Caryl Fleming's trip east. 19 sat around the festive board and paraded their pet tricks for the edification of the western wlaard who came back at them with a largesse of logical legerdemain that is probably being copied all ready.

Somebody belatedly discovered "Pour Aces on the Stage" In Jinx No.12 and now there's a rush on for copies. Maybe these lines won't be read for three years either. — Associated Press reports that a nudist magician was the hit at a hudist's indoor party held In London recently. The guests said he made knotted handkerchiefs untie themselves, pushed a metal bar through a sheet of glass without apparently breaking the glass, and even produced cards from behind people's naked shoulders. If Burling Hull weren't working steadily in this country we'd be very suspicious. --- a topping bit of skullduggery came about a short time ago when a li.Y. booking agent told a magical manipulator about Mogul answering a question written on paner, torn up and burned (Jinx Ho.6). The effect*was then exposed to the agent by Tommy Martin, who, of course, doesn't use it £n his aot. Later in the day another performer, who uses the stunt for agents and press, was in the same office looking for a contact. When asked to do something he started to have agent write on a slip. Come the fast one, "You're not going to tear the center out, are you?"

Not to belittle anyone we can't help but remark about the exchange of low bows as per the ads In current Sphinx and Genii, each laying it on thick for the other. Same is very ridiculous to anyone in magic since Dr. Wilson died. The Sphinx is dying an aggravating death. Aggravating because it has a strong constitution"but is on the wrong diet. The sooner the stockholders and policy dictators get out from under and let the magazine go into the hands of one person,

(continued on page 315)

THE JINX is a monthly symposium ¿of mystery published by Theo.Annemann< ?Waverly,N.Y.,U.S.A. 25 cents the copy, lS issues for $1. COPYRIGHT 1938.

m$phi$to ihot x g.thompson, jr.

An assistant from audience distributes nine numbered slips of paper, the performer asking each person to write a question or bit of personal data. The written slips are collected in an unprepared envelope by the distributor and sealed. In full view at all times, the envelope is placed before audience by performer and another assistant recruited to watch it.

The medium is now Introduced and seated with her back to audience, well blindfolded. During this, the envelope and slips are burned by the spectator.

A large slate is shown to contain a square divided into nine smaller ones, three across and three down. The assistant who has burned envelope is given slate and chalk and told to number the squares from 1 to 9 in any order he may select • The performer now hands assistant a pointer and asks that one of the numbers be Indicated. The person who wrote on that particularly numbered paper stands, and the medium gives an answer, or reveals correctly what was writtenl This continues until all have been covered. Then, as a startling climax, the medium calls out several numbers which the performer puts tinder the numbered squares on slate. When the three vertical columns are added, it is disclosed that the total is the same as the numbers called outl

The general effexst of this routine Is very good and different. And it has a set number of items to be revealed so does not go on and on endlessly like most of such acts. Requirements are; several ordinary pay envelopes, a few small slips of fairly thin paper, pencils, large slate and chalk, blindfold, and one of the new large card reels.

Bind five or six ordinary pay envelopes of a fairly large size together with a WIDE rubber band, using another envelope, fold Its length in half with flap outside after enclosing 9 slips of paper and sealing. The crease edge of this folded envelope is stuck under the rubber band on flap side of stack, square up stack and re-fering to illustration the folded envelope occupies position aBCD, the band concealing fact that it Is folded, hold packet securely In left hand like a deck of cards.

The reel is concealed in the folds of the blindfold and both are In medium's possession, step into audience with envelope packet in left hand and 9 slips of paper and pencils In right. Rave the papers passed out and written upon. When completed pull one of the ordinary envelopes off the back and hand to a speotator, asking him to gather slips, place in envelope, seal

Page and fold envelope once. Take It back and lay it openly on packet so that it occupies position EFGH. Hold packet above head with genuine envelope facing audience and return to stage. Step to table and at this moment pull the previously prepared envelope out and stand it tentwlse on table, left hand pocketing rest of envelopes. This is a perfect switch and quite lndetectable.

At this moment of pocketing envelopes left,the medium is Introduced from the right. Kie speotator comes up to watch envelope and as you seat medium with back to audience and blindfold her have assistant burn the envelope and questions. The process of blindfolding is more important that it would seem. The bandage is placed a bit high so medium can see plainly downward. Stand facing audience at medium*s left as you fasten blindfold at back, while in this position, the medium REACHES INTO PERFORMER'S POCKET WITH HER RIGHT HAND AND REMOVES THE ENVELOPE WITH GENUINE QUESTIONS. In the meantime medium has also fastened the reel to her dress or holds tightly between her knees. As performer moves to her right side to adjust blindfold, she passes button on end of thread to him in his left hand.

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