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Batavia Crowded With Masters of 'Now You See It, Now You Don't'

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DISCLOSURE of the subtle trickery used in professional gambling is made in this card presentation. Don F. E. Fox, local magician, (standing) will appear with Mr. X, a Utica business man, at two magicians' conventions shortly t<5 demonstrate the crafty manipulations worked out by the men who make their living by riding the trains and promote games with unsuspecting victims.

any number of other members, but Mr. Durbin's candidate is not himself.

"My own choice is a magician who uses the name of Dante, although he is a Dane by birth and an American by naturalization," said Mr. Durbin. Eliminated Competition

"Dant has been on a long tour for years througr Europe, Africa, Australia and so on, and is now in Holland. I'll tell you how good he is:

become annoyed at the magician.

The last one was Billy Robertson of Providence, R. I., who was popped in the chest in 1918 while playing in London under the name of Chung Ling Soo. Mr. Anneman knows how Robertson did the trick, but he doesn't really know what caused his death.

Wife Was Peeved

It might have been accident, or it might have been suicide or worse. It seems tha>t Mr. Robertson's wife,

, Howard Thurston started him off on wh0 fired the gun> was wry mad at that tour, and admitted he did it to hIm at the time> ^¡¡md Yard went get Dante out of the country and jnU) u ^^g^ but got nowhere. eliminate competition. Anneman only lets policemen, state

Strictly speaking, there is to be troopers and people like that, who no •'second Thurston," or "second c€rtalnl wou)d bear him no pudge, Houdini." All agree on that. Con- n th/trigger lollvv Kr*»ft! CQir th/lt + n a °

fidentially, the boys say that the

This business of being shot-#t is bags of tricks of the late moguls of magiCi Qf cQUrset fQr magic ^ g^it-________less field, including such paraphernalia as playing cards, rabbits, c&n-

Their shows were designed for : full- sized theater, with distance and

dim lighting as aides and potoody ^ ou> of coins but trusted lieutenants and hand- jj^ ^ls, and nonsense, maidens behind. Just ^ $how you how big ^ the

Vaudeville Passe stock in trade, take Bob Gysel of

But magic on this large-scale plan Toledo, a machine operator in an

; now seems a thing of the past. Even automotive plant who arrived here i vaudeville, which was slightly sec- w«;h a suitcase full of padlocks and

■ond-string alongside the "big show" ?icks- and a vast distaste for his fel-'of Thurston, Houdint or Herman,: low magacians, with a very few ex-

has long been dead and now Is al- ceptions.

most forgotten.

There still remains school and lyceum engagements, getting fewer every year, so that many a magician has had to give up his profession and go back to work. But the prin-

Likes Locks

Mr. Gysel (pronounced Gee-zil or Gye-zil as you like) has a vast contempt for card palmers, puppets, and all the similar bits of "small magic." The reason may be that he was cipal support lies in different fields, right-hand man to Harry Houdini smaller, much more intimate.

In short, the night club.

"I don't know what we would have done if the night club hadn't turned up," a- sad young magician said.

"But it is did. and it's getting better. Night club audiences get awfully tired of that silly singing and for five years, and therefore is partial to elaborate Illusions, and more particularly to picking locks.

He used to be the man behind the curtain—no, we can't tell that. Also, he Jumped off a 50-foot brinde once tied up in a gunny sack, with thumb-cuffs locking ha hands together.

But then, Mr. Gysel has another

Syracuse (N* Post-Standard 5/22/36

Hisses to Mark Approval When Magicians Meet

There'll be strange goings-on in three 10th tloc. parlors of Hotel Syracuse at 8 o'clock tonight when Central City As« .nbly 14 of the Society of American Magicians conducts Its stmi-annual open meeting and stage performance.

Ace magicians of Syracuse and vicinity will yank their trick bags, wide open with a baffling aeries of silk, card and floating ball acts, ventriloquism, rabbit "production" and all the r st.

The 8o invited guests (all seats w*re taken yesterday) will be asked to,/efrain from applause. They must liss approval Instead. Harris A, Solomon, assembly president and mastei of eevemonl»», has announced.

Performers will Include Joseph Brick, Eld red Hall. Lynn Searles and Harry Tienk^n. all Syracusans. and Elmtr Eckum of Rochester, president of the International Broth?rhootf of Magicians rPage 128

Lockport (N.Y.) Union Sun June 5, 1936

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