Tattle Talc Card Coward R

Effective is the work-up of this conception, and it is done with a borrowed deck. The bit of setting up can be done during another trick or in a spare moment. The magician is blindfolded, whilst shuffling the pack. He hands cards to spectator and asks him to deal about half of the.cards, say 26, onto the center of table. Then spectator is asked to take any number of cards from one to ten from the middle of the deok (oards held in hand) and hide them in hia pocket. After this he is told to drop those cards remaining in his hand beside those on table; then to choose whichever packet he wishes and hand the other to the blindfolded magician. Each places his packet behind his back, and brings forward one card at a time from the top of his packet to coincide with the card the other brings forth. The first person to run out of cards declares that fact. The other brings forth his next card. The magician states that cards are so familiar with him that they tell him all that goes on in the pack. He asks spectator how many cards he hid in his pocket. The card last brought forward is turned over and proves to be the tattle tale, telling by its number of spots, the exact number of cards hidden in the spectator's pocket.

There is almost nothing to this as only ten cards are arranged on top of deck at start. On top is an Ace, then a Two, then a Three, etc., up to the ten spot. Pay no attention to suits.

Prom here on the trick works itself. Palse riffle shuffle while being blindfolded but keep the top ten cards in place. Spectator counts half (26) of the deck on table which puts the setup on bottom of that packet with the Ace at the face. After one runs out of cards the next card the other brings forth tells the number hidden in pocket from the other packet. Just be sure the deck consists of 52 cards with no Joker.

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