Table Performer

Method: Pick up the 1st deck and shuffle, taking care that all of the similar cards are not observed. Place it face down on the table in front of spectator No. 1. Carelessly tossing the 2nd deck to spectator No. 2 and taking the 3rd deck yourself, ask him to shuffle his while you shuffle yours, "in order to save time". When shuffling the 3rd deck yourself the only precautions are to prevent a sight of the odd Five of Clubs (back) and to retain it very close to the bottom. Also end with the short card about the center.

The "do as I do" sequence now follows. With each of the packs face downwards on the table a cut is made at about the center. In the case of the performer, the cut is made at the short card. The top card of the cut is removed, and without it being shown or seen it is handed to the next person in a clockwise direction.

The result of this is that spectator No. 1 gets your short card, i.e. 5 of Clubs, spectator No. 2 is bound to get a 5 of Clubs, and you get spectator No. 2's any card.

Each one of the three puts his card, now an odd backed card from the other deck to his right, onto the deck before him and replaces the cut. In doing this the performer passes the "stranger" to the top of the deck and palms it off, which action brings the previously stolen 5 of Clubs to the center.

Each person now passes his deck anti-clockwise to the next person and this serves to give back to each of the three, a deck containing his freely chosen card. All three now look through their decks and place their cards face down on the table. When turned over all are the same.

The handling of the decks has automatically brought the "force-all one kind" deck into the performer's hands for disposal, and leaves him with one short card for later effects.


Mr. Magician displays a cocktail glass...and patters about the strage qualities of the liquid within. Should you drink it — vour neighbor would feel trie inebriating effects". Really! Let us demonstrate.

Sir h'ocus-Focus removes a drinking straw from a box, and rips it in half. Using one of the


Let me mention right now that a wax straw must be used in this trick, as water cannot be seen through that variety as it can through the celophane type. Do not be afraid of the different weight, when the straw is full or empty, for it won't be noticable to the participating spectators.

The rest of the working you already know. The half-straw, actually full of water, but thought by the spectators to be empty, is handled very casually with no particular attention shown it, and placed between another spectator's fingers.

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