A fortune is at stake.' Not yours — the gullible sitter across the table from you. With a deck of cards you read his past and future, and answer any question secretly written. Then you prove your reading correct and that tne cards do not lie J

Spread the deck race up on table. Invite your consultant to remove any spot card.Upon its face he is to write a question. Gather up the remainder of the pack, turn your back, and

during the writing or the question turn the deck face up and reverse the top card.

Hola the pack this way while subject adds his question card to top of deck, face down. Then the person immediately places the deck behind his back. Explain that the selected card is known to fortune tellers as the indicator or life card. Its purpose is to divide the deck into two parts, past and future.

The consultant divides the deck by inserting the question card face up in the center of the deck he is holding behind his back, and then turns the entire pack over and cuts it three times. This mystical rite (?) completed, you receive the deck and fan it face up. The card bearing the question is now face up, but never is noticed because the card you reversed is found immediately and the pack divided at this point. Put the reversed card face down upon the table and lay the pencil on top. The two halves are spread out, faces down, on each side of this card, proving, without calling attention to the fact, that only one card was reversed.

As matters stand you don't know which pile contains the question card. Begin the reading by picking up a few cards from the first half and tell of the spectator's past. A smattering of cardology from any ten cent or six pence book will forever keep you from repeating yourself with a giveaway patter.

Continue to pick up and discard small groups, reading as you go along. If the consultant's question bearing card is found, secretly read the query, and ADD TOGETHER THE VALUES OP THE TWO NEIGHBORING CARDS. For example: the written on

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