Swindle gerald kosky

Effect:- The magician shows a wooden-block puzzle that has a ring on it. (Illustration) It Is given to a spectator with the request that he take off the ring, but after trying for a Xew minutes It is declared impossible. Putting-ft behind his back for a second, the performer takes off the ring and gives them both for inspection.

Secret:- This is one of those bare faced things which a magician can delight In doing for the tried and true puzzle addict. The fact that it is Impossible to do is where the Sam Lloyd students will run into the proverbial stone wall. The puzzle is a very old one and has been sold in various forms from time to time in novelty stores. However, when you buy it, you get only the puzzle to mystify you, and not the secret of how the ring was placed on the block.

Now you can make this up yourself. Take two pieces of box wood 2 inches long,. 3/4 Inch wide, 1/4 inch thick. On both, cut out a square hole on each side as follows: 1/2 Inch wide and l/4 inch deep as per illustration.

In order to put the ring on the block, take one of the blocks after it has been cut and put one end in a vice or press and squeeze it flat in line with the hole you have cut. This, believe it or not, is very easy to do. You can now slide the ring on the block. After the ring has been slid on, put the block In hot water for a minute, and It will swell out to Its original shape. You may use a ring that has an opening of not more than 1/2 inch. I use a celluloid ring which oan be purchased at most five and dime stores.

Thus the outfit consists of two duplicate blocks and two rings. One block has the ring secured on it, and the loose block and ring are in a hip pocket ready for a simple exchange. I know one person who makes quite a thing out of this, leaving the separate block and ring with a plant in the group. The prepared set is passed around, the plant getting it last. He plays with It for a few seconds and then hands performer THE SEPARATE SET. He, In turn, rolls it between his hands, blows on it, and utters bits of the caballa, and then tosses out the two parts. It makes for an excellent table mystery when you want to worry the nlte club revelers.

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