Suggests Spirits Hunt Up Alimony

Referee TeDs Spiritualist He's Lock; He's Loose.

Even a spiritualist cannot expect to have two wives without paying for it, Referee John P. Cohalan said today when Mrs. Sehna Decker of «0 West Seventy-sixth street applied for a divorce which her husband did not contest.

While Frank Decker, a spiritualist, who lives at S10 West Seventy-second street, did not contest the divorce proceeding he did deny that he enjoyed a lucrative income. At the end of the hearing, during which many things, spiritual and otherwise, were discussed, the referee reserved decision, but directed pIERCE THE MAGICIAN, * who was first trained in magic by a Chinese magician, will appear twice nightly at the Ford and Lincoln Show at Jerusalem Temple, April 18th through the 22nd. Pierce's most famous tricks are his Chinese linking rings and his marvelous sleight-of-hand deception with playing cards.

NEW YORK, May 9.- Just when one think* the town has gone a? crar.y a* possible along comes— Mogul!

Mogul is a suave youth who siis in an alcove on the stairway lewliiig to the cocktail lounge at the French Casino, midway between the lobby bar and Russell Patterson's sophis-icated marionettes. This announcement you are cautioned !.o takj se- ' iously, for Mogul is a mind-loa dor, ! tfhich should he a warrun- those j who go there with thoughts that! zan't be quoted in polite society.

There's nothing vajrue to Mogul's answers—You just write out a question and burn it, and then, with disturbing accuracy%he tells you your question and answers it. It's the uncanny accuracy and detail of his answers that make you wonder whether you've imbibed too many beers.

Suggestion: See Mogul before you tackle the wine steward. Then you'll KNOW it isn't the champagne!



I PROPHECY PLUS. (L. Voscurgh Lyons) f

Have a deck in hand for following these paragraphs to make, it much easier. In effect, the performer genuinely shuffles a borrowed deck and fans them face down. One after the other, four people (two alternately, or even one) select any card freely by pulling it only half out of the fan. These are openly shifted to the bottom of deck which is handed a watcher who puts these four bottom cards face down on the table In a row. As yet no one has seen their faces. The spectator is asked to man through the deck and remove the.four aces so that you may show him a great coincidence. The aces are gone and found on the tablet That's the coincidence. Taking the deck you ask one person to give you the aces one at a time in his favorite order, and you place each one at different spots in the deck face down. Giving the pack a shuffle or two, you deal four hands of poker and turning them over, you have the four aces. This makes a nice, quick bit of work and there is nothing difficult at all.

Have the foiir aces on the bottom of the deck to start. Dovetail shuffle and keep them there. Now fan deck and have four cards pulled out a little more than half way. Close the deck with these cards protruding at front. The left thumb and second finger hold the sides of deck at front end from below with first finger curled up against bottom. With right second finger tap the front edges of the protruding cards to make them even and sticking out about an Inch and a half. The right thumb and second finger now hold deck at sides near rear end and as you remark about the freedom of choice and the coincidence you want to show them, the right thumb counts off four or more cards from bottom. The right hand raises the pack just a trifle and this group is held by the left thumb and second finger at front end. This hand Immediately moves foreward with the packet under the protruding cards and the thumb and second finger grasp the front edges of the protruding four. Now the right hand pulls the deck from these cards held by left hand and drops it on top. The illusion of it all is quite perfect. The onlookers only see you square and pull out the four chosen cards, putting them on the bottom of the pack.

Spectator now takes deck and puts the four bottom cards face down on table in a row. He looks through deck for the aces at your request and then is told to turn over the tabled cards. Taking the deck you hold it face down in left hand with left thumb at upper left corner so that It may riffle the corner downward. The pack Is really held tightly between base of thumb on one side and fingers on the other. Ask for the aces singly and In any order. The left thumb riffles down three cards and taking the ace face down you carelessly insert it at this point about half way but sticking out a little to the left also. This covers the thumb completely which riffles three more cards while the next ace is handed you. Stick this in the pack apparently at random and continue letting three cards go by thumb for the next and again for the last ace. Put the aces In carelessly so that they stick out at angles and at different lengths and it is very convincing.

Now dovetail shuffle leaving the top 16 cards in place, make a false cut If possible, and deal out four poker hands. You must get the aces because you merely put them in the proper places. This is an extremely neat table routine for clubs. In the first part be certain that the watchers appreciate the fact that the selection is perfectly free and not forced. If you relnark at the outset that four different cards are needed in order to show a strange coincidence, no one will ever suspect what is going to happen. In the second part do the bit of thumb riffling each time as spectator is picking up an ace and you are watching him.


Dr. Lyons has worked out a very clean cut and effective combination in this effect, and it is a true example of what may be done with single tricks when joined or blended. The performer writes two prophecies of color on blank cards and seals ther.i in envelopes. Each sealed envelope is handed a spectator to pocket. Prom three different ly colored handkerchiefs, one spectator selects one. The second spectator is given a metal tube and three colored candles. A cloth bag Is used and inside this, the spectator mixes the candles and puts one into tube and closes It, leaving the remaining candles in bag. Thus even he himself does not know for the moment what color he has selected. The first spectator opens his envelope and reads the card. "You are going to choose the ----- handkerchief." And it's right!

The second envelope is opened, the spectator taking out the card and reading it aloud. "And secondly,you will unconsciously select the ---- candle." Picking up the closed tube, the performer deliberately opens it and the correct candle drops out! It's ray idea of a beautifully routined effect.

Common magical accessories are used but, as can be seen, the first part may be changed as to method and articles if the reader thinks it advisable, which personally I don't. As it stands you need a change bag, one red silk, one white, and three blues. Also a set of the standard and catalogued Patriotic Rockets, together with a packet of envelopes and cards, one of the envelopes being a triple faked one as per the effect on page 72 of Jinx No. 15. I would advise having the silks and candles all different in color making six colors in the effect. Have the envelope set with two cards written as given above for the candles. Have two blue silks on one side of the change bag.

In starting, take a card and an ordinary envelope. Write on it as given above for the handkerchiefs. Seal and give a spectator to pocket. The color you write is, of course, blue, or the one which will be forced in this case. Next take the faked envelope and another card, if rite as stated for the candles Inserting the one of the three colors not yet in the envelope. Seal and have pocketed by another helper. Show the three handkerchiefs and pick up bag in left band. Drop in the red one, next the white, both of these going in the empty side of bag. Accl-dently (?) drop the blue, and as you retrieve it with right hand, the handle of bag is turned and other side brought into play. Into this side is dropped the blue silk. Approaching the first spectator, he is asked to reach in, mix the hanks around and pull out one while you hold bag behind your back. He pulls out blue of course. You turn facing audience again and as bag is brought back to the front eh handle is shifted once more and you reach in, taking out the two different silks and dropping them on table with bag.

At this time pick up the candles, tube and cloth bag to be used as a shield. Show them and drop inside. The second spectator puts one into the tube out of sight. The bag is laid aside by him and you take the closed tube and place it in plain sight, but this action enables you to take it at center and instantly tell by the slight tipping what color Is inside. Recall that your prophecies were written before any selections took place and that such selections were made by the spectators themselves with no possible influence on your part. Ask the first person who selected the blue silk to open and read his prophecy. It is correct. Remarking that no one knows as yet what was chosen by the second person, take hi3 envelope from him and open at the oorrect end for the color which you already know was selected. Shake out the card into his hand and have him read. Then pick up the tube and for the climax, open tube and re-

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