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I have had a great many magicians and laymen tell me this is the best coin trick they ever saw. This can be said without braggadocio because I did not invent any of the sleights. I put them together and there is the real secret. All these moves are to be thought of merely as different parts of ONE stunt, not as separate sleights.

hand is in motion) work the coin Into the flat thumb palm. (Fig.4) This is the hardest part of the trick, and you'll just have to try it over a few times to get your own personal knack of doing It. I lever it up out of the palm Into position with the thumb.

"And after drawing It out, I pretend to throw it away like that." With the coin hidden

They should be executed very deliberately┬╗ In SLOW MOTION in fact, and it is the gestures which make it a natural. The moves should be learned with the patter for the timing of the words to the moves is an important factor.

The magician stands three-quarters turned right side toward audience. He states that he will now demonstrate how all his mysteries are performed. The secret, he says, is all in pretending. With sleeves rolled up he shows any half-dollar and places it in the left hand which then is closed Into a tight fist.(Fig.1)

Holding the right hand up so It is obvious that same is empty, the performer says, "And now we begin to pretend." Pause. (Fig.2). "First I make a magic pass." The right hand with palm down goes over top of left thumb, and as it goes around, when the right palm is facing the back of the left fist, the coin is released and dropped into the right hand. (Fig.3) Right hand circles left a couple of times and then the performer looks toward audience, saying, his left fist still in the same position, ffAll magicians have to do that." Pause. "Then I pretend to draw the coin out of the left fist."

With the right hand (containing coin) make the same motions that you would if you were really trying to draw the coin out of the fist by some magician means. While doing this (as

horizontally behind the thumb you go through the very motions of slowly tossing the coin away, swinging the right hand In an arc clear to your right side, and following It with eyes and head. Then look back at the left fist. "And I find that if I pretend hard enough I can pretend that the coin really has dissolved Into the air." Open the left fist and show it empty. Pause. The right hand is in front with the forefinger pointing at empty left hand.

"Now it wouldn't be a profitable business if X couldn't get the coin back, so I'll just pretend to reach out into the air and grab a coin." The right hand swings back to extreme right side, eyes and head following it, and actually pretends to pluck a coin from out of the air. Now touch the right thumb tip to the tip of the second finger, which action conceals the coin, and bring the right hand up slowly, eyes rivited on same, back over to the left.

"And I place It In the left hand." Pretend to drop an Imaginary coin onto the left palm, leaving palm visible to the audience. "Like that." At these words repeat the move of dropping the coin onto the palm, only this time really do it, immediately closing the left hand over the coin.

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