Stewazt James

Editor's note: I dug this up from out of the past, and offer it now to tho.«e who otherwise would never see or get to know it. I honestly consider Stewart James as one of the best informed people in the business, bar none, and one whose tricks always have a touch of genius in their originality.)

The performer writes a prediction on a slip of paper and a spectator retains it. Two volunteers are each given a half of the pack and the first volunteer shuffles his half and selects a card while they are all in his own hands. Suppose he selects a four spot. He is handed a sheet of paper on which is printed a list of celebrity names. He counts to the fourth name which may be HOUDINI. The spectator opens the slip of paper and finds the name HOUDINI written thereon.

Another prediction is written by performer and given into the custody of spectator as before. The second volunteer shuffles his half of the deck and selects a card freely as did the first. We will say that this is a ten spot. The tenth name on the list may be Roosevelt* The prediction is read and found correct the second time. Any cards are used and there are no 3leights or exchanges.

Notice the four lists of names which are given here.

Earhart Earhart Earhart Earhart Houdini Dempsey Coolidge Dempsey Dempsey Coolidge Dempsey Coolidge Caruso Houdini Caruso Caruso Bamum Caruso Barnum Barnum Lindbergn Lindbergh Houdini Lindbergh Coolidge Lincoln Lindbergh Lincoln Lincoln Washington Lincoln Houdini Washington Barnum Washington Washington Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt

There are only two rules to follow in making up four such lists. Notice that the name Houdini (the first prediction) is in 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th positions on each successive list. Also note that Roosevelt (the second prediction) is the last, or tenth, name on each list.

The audience is only aware of one list as will be seen. Place them in the pocket arranged in rotation ready for instant separation, or, better still, put the first list in right coat pocket, second in lower right vest pocket, third in lower left vest pocket, and the fourth in left coat pocket.

Shift all court cards, nines and tens to the bottom of deck. Separate this section from those above with a bridge. Start out by writing the name HOUDINI on a slip of paper and giving it to someone to hold. Give volunteer the top half of deck and have him shuffle, and select one card. State that the spot cards will equal their face value and a court card will count ten. Let us say he draws a four spot. You remove the list of names from lower right vest pocket because you know HOUDINI is the fourth name on that particular one.

(Highest card volunteer can draw is an eight. If he selects a two, four, six, or eight, hand

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