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Rlsht hand is shown to unmistakably contain three, the one on fist completing the set of four. The ball on fist is allowed to fall inside hand, and one ball from right commanded to Join that in left. Opening left hand, the two balls are shown, and two from right hand, carelessly and almost immediately dropped, to make up the original four.

Giving no time for thought, the four are apparently tossed into right hand, but in reality, of course, three only are thrown, the concealed one, as before, completing the set.

Again left hand is closed, and this time two balls are dropped on top of fist. Right hand having been shown to contain two only, one of them is ordered to fly into left, which meanwhile has allowed the ball to drop inside hand. Opening left hand, three are exhibited, one from right being instantly added to make four.

Without hesitation the four are immediately thrown to right, where they are openly and freely shown. It is superfluous to explain that three only are thrown from left hand, one being detained as in the case of the first pass.

The last move is to drop three balls on to left fist and show one in right. Both hands are closed, the left, a second later, opening to show four balls, three of which are immediately tossed into the right, which shows apparently the original four balls.

The principle of the trick once understood, the manipulation can be mastered in a quarter of an hour, as the trick is merely a repetition of the same move in different guise. Performed properly the experiment has no suspicious or unnatural moves.

Number and figure tricks are generally a bit complicated for the people who are not good mathematicians, so this port problem should afford some amusement If not mystification because it is easily followed.

A person is asked to Jot down, one tinder the other, two figures of his own choice. Without drawing the usual line beneath the two numbers are added and the result put down. Then he adds together the last two figures and puts this result beneath. The last two figures are added and again the result put down. And this action Is continued until there are ten numbers on the paper, one under the other.

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