Sruci Illiott

This is one of those simple yet hardly believable little stunts to do on qulok notice without complicated set-ups or gimmicks. It is perfect for a home offset but it is neoessary that t«be home have a few goldfish of the contented type. The magician awaits the opportunity to "show-off" his powers, and brings in a glass of water and a carrot from the loe box. He takes a Jackknlfe from his pocket and starts to whittle away.

"Do you remember that craze, several years ago, "he says, as be benignly outs and ohips at the carrot, "whan the oollege boys wore trying to outdo each other at eating goldfish? Well, it all started as a fake, for the first on« who did It actually had read a book about theatrical props arid knew that a pieoe of carrot would look like a goldfish. That was what he really ate, and It started a very weird fad. I met the fellow about a year later and he told me his secret and even made me a goldfish, like the one I've cut here. Then he dropped it in some water to show me how real It appeared, but I made a quick and also secret pass with my hand and the fellow praotlcally fainted for the piece of carrot was swimming. Look for yourself. They told me later he didn't touch water for nearly a month.*

When you step out to get the water and vegetable you dip a three by four inch blotter In water and put it In your right trouser pocket. Then you put a Jackknlfe In also and lastly take a goldfish from Its havan and pocket that, tool The goldfish win live for at least five minutes and you only need three. Take the knife from pocket and cut the carrot up. forming a likeness of a fish(the long way of the carrot) the else of the one pocketed. Hold it in left hand while the right puts knife back in pocket and brings out the fish laying aoross cirried fingers. The carrot fish is put Into right hand and left picks up the glass. The right thumb holds the carrot back and the opened fingers let the fish drop In the glass to be happy onoe mors. Ths left hand gives the glass out, the right goes to the pocket leaving carrot and brings out knife, as you finish, "Would someone else like to try cutting carrots and making himself an aquarium?"

The King's Kards.

You have, say, thirty cards, which you show, back and front. You call especial attention to the fact that there are no two cards alike among them; all different. Now you take about half of the lot of cards and hand them to anyone with the request that they "hold on to them tight." Then you spread out the remaining cards and ask three different persons to each mentally select one of the cards. You now square up the cards and command the selected ones to fly into the hands of the gentleman who holds the other cards. Upon spreading out your cards, the selected ones are found to be missing, and upon examining the cards in the gentleman's hands the chosen three cards are found to be there. Attention is called to the fact that only one set of cards is used. No cards are added or substituted. No cards are changed. There is no palming or concealing of any kind, and no confederates or assistant. Can be done anywhere. The price of this very new and fine effect is TWO DOLLARS AND A HALF

(The Information about this subtlety was writ-tan by Mr. Rudy Reimer, a close friend of Mr. Hardin's for many years. In this era, with perfect double-face cards available In decks at all magical depots, It is well worth trying. Ed.)

The pack used consists of 15 regular oarda plus 15 double-face cards. These faked cards, whenfaoed one way, duplicate (In any order), the 15 ordinary oards. On their other side, though, the faces are of 15 different cards. The double-faced packet is topped with the 15 face down ordinary cards. Mow, if the deck is turned over and the oards fanned faces up, 30 different cards will be seen.

The following effect is very strong in the proper hands. Hate Leipslg thought so much of this that he made a point of never doing it before magicians. I think Hardin stopped selling the trick a bit later on request of Leipslg.

Now the trick isn't worth a cent if anyone suspects that prepared oards are being used, and the subtle part which attracted Leipslg Is in the manner that both sides, back and front, of the cards are shown at the start. "Oils part was not sold with the secret and the deck.

Scooperoo Dept.Dante la scheduled to open with his full evening production at the Mor-osco Theatre in Mew York City on September 9th. The West 45th Street playhouse should he filled with magicians that night. Mark it down now.

By carrier (or stool?) pigeons- Harlan Tarhell had his official day at the M.Y. World's Fair on July 11th. After lunch with Ford company officials (and plenty press pics) he entertained at various spots with a half hour bit of "Eyeless Vision" at the hand stand. It might not have made muoh talk around the world at the moment, hut the sorapbook took on eight more pages of data that will sell Tarbell to a good many new places. And as he said to us, afterwards, "It was all done without exposing spiritualism or offering somebody #10,000."

Fernando and Sonya Romera, who use magic in their ballroom dancing routine a la the Hart-* manns, had their pigeon, produced from a hank, taken away by Rumanian officials as a spy suspect. Upon their arrival here all papers carried pics and stories headed by "magicians". It might be a good idea for some magi to take up another profession in order to be publicly recognised as mystlclsts. — life, for Aug.5, did have several pics of James Stewart and Henry Fonda (his close pal In stride and strife) doing the linking rings and passe-passe bottles at a largely attended public party. The same Issue showed how to put your vest OH after your coat. — And two weeks ago Dixie Tigbe, cafe society reporter on the M.Y. Post, told of Gloria Swanson doing several cute tricks at a cocktail party. Yet were we to get an interview and a couple of new and nice angles, a lot of the "boys" would yell "fake" as they did before. We sold out on every one of our "movie-star" issues, however, regardless of comment by other editors who are passing up a goodly amount of Interesting material in the various other professions. Most of those people have the correct slant or view on how tricks should be done to get and keep the interest of party guests.

From Richard "The Great" Hlmber:nDear Mr. Annemann: You are without doubt the world's greatest magician. I would like very much to engage you, if you are available, to do some of your trioks down at Brighton Beach where I am playing. Any man who Is magician enough to see me do a triok which I never did, must he a very wonderful magician. Of course, I am referring to the hand amputation triok which I purchased from Stuart Robson, and which I haven't opened.

I would like to see your hullet catching triok done with as much success as your mind reading triok --as done at the last SAM banquet. This, I am sure would please all of ue, including the Sphinx stockholders. Sincerely yours,"

Well, Mr. Hlmber, we do know that after you bought the trick and took it home, it was performed for you at your hotel in front of friends. I bow low to a man who can have a triok demonstrated before the package has been opened. Sorry about that triok of ours. There should have been B & B filters over those Scotch spotlights*

We have written the muslo maestro who should use a pump handle for his wand, "Thank you for your letter. I regret not being available for an engagement at Brighton Beach, where you are playing. I cannot swim. 1 appreciate the consideration very muoh and trust that you will not object to my using your letter and offer_as a recommendation of my talents.


If, as and when we buy The Sphinx, our fifth move will be to reprint the famous Wilsonlsms on the front cover each month as did the dear old Doctor. It was he who immortalised "Magic is an art that sometimes lnstruots, often amuses and always entertains." But we also like one other from among the many hundreds of his epigrams which we'd perpetuate. On the May,1927 Sphinx appeared, "After some men have failed at everything else they try magic." For the record we have a letter from a well known magio dealer that concludes, "If and when you buy The Sphinx, I will give you a contract for the back page, providing you oan prove your circulation is 800 or over." We know nothin' hut that if we ever do have a publication taking advertisements,the circulation figures will he printed regularly so that dealers can compute their profits per insertion per return per triok. Isn't that only fair? The big magazines do it.

In issue Mo. 100 we mentioned H* Rhea Flake, a person selling magic to business men for pretty prices. We tried to check his assertion that he was an erstwhile sec'y of the S.A.M. but did not make deadline. The next week it seemed unimportant, hut now we have data that says this salesman of soroery in lighted offices was neatly booted from his position for disrespect of duty. If he asks you for $50 in return for several Jinx trioks, laugh loud and long.

The oards are turned face up and fanned carelessly to show them mixed well. Turn the pack face down and deal 14 oards singly In front of a spectator. If the fifteenth oard were to be dealt, the double-faces would show, but at this time the performer turns the packet remaining, face up in his hands and proceeds to deal the rest to himself in a face up pile, counting them again. The last card dealt ia called 16, and the performer says, "One too many. You take it." And he tosses this last card to the spectator, it being ordinary. Thus has been shown the fanned and all different 30 cards, and the spectator's packet dealt hacks up before him. The rest were dealt face up and the last card nonchalantly given him.

You now pick up your packet and have him put his cards away. Pass to three people and each one thinks of a card in the fanned packet, you having turned it over to bring the duplicate faces uppermost. Upon command these thought of cards vanish from the packet, for when it is fanned again before each person with the request that he take out his card when he sees it, they are not found. The first gentleman now takes his guarded paoket, and as eaoh spectator names his card, It is found to have passed.

(Mote by Annenmnn:- Some later day methods for the transposition have been evolved with great ingenuity hut I did see Lelpslg do this at least 11 years ago and was fooled, evidently because of the ease in handling. There is such a thing as magi getting too complicated for their own good, and In ways that aren't appreciated by the spectator. Magicians try to work too muoh for other magicians, possibly beoause most amateur hobbyists don't have much of an outlet exoept at their magic club gatherings. I'd suggest,however, that one keep an ordinary set of 15 different oards In the coat pocket and exchange the double-face packet for them while the ohosen cards are being named and found to have passed. Then the 30 cards can be put together and another trick done immediately, using ordinary oards.)

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