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I received the following letter from London and it contains something that max be °f Interest to many. I will give a year's subscription to anyone who oan give me a workable method tnat I can publish.

28, The Drive Dalthamstow London, n. 17

5th. December 1934

Theo Annemann Esq.. laverly, New Xork

Dear sir,

A London magistrate stated a few days ago, that the experience gained through thirty years on the bench had enabled him to Judge pretty well when a man was telling a lie and when he was speaking the truth.

'The member of the audience shuffles the pad of cards and then, while the performer's baok Is turned he deals tne cards slowly faoe up on to the table, eaet time calling aloud the name each oard as dealt. Occasionally, he deals one card and calls the name of anoth' er but whenever he does this the performer pulls hla uj at onoe. THE JtXRFOfU£R ¿EEU5 TO KNOW liHEN THE MAN IS TELLMO A US.1

That is the 'plot' and It is a good one. The method I have not found at all, yet. Will you try to get a method from readers of 'The Jinx?'

With kind regards

Yours faithfully (signed)

Vincent Dalban

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