And you have eight separate lists for the groups of three letters. The numbers in brackets are for your personal use and knowledge, and of course do not appear on the lists. In my own case I carry each list in a separate envelope with the numbers lightly penciled on the inside of the flap.

In preparing for the trick I arrange the envelopes in my pockets in a known order. Four, six, and eight are in my left coat pocket; ten and twelve are in my inside coat pocket; and fourteen, sixteen and eighteen are in my right coat pocket.

Presentation: Introduce the list of two-letter combinations, the dice and the slates. Secretly print PLA on one slate and place aside as volunteer tests the dice. The dice now are rolled and the total taken. In most cases you can total the dice quickly- and remove the proper list from your pocket before the volunteer has announced the result.

Suppose the total to be eleven. You have removed the envelope, secretly marked twelve,from your inside coat pocket and are holding it. Tell him to count down eleven two-letter combinations, note the next and write it on his slate. It will be YS.

On handing him your list to place beside his, he finds that the word at that position is PLAYS. Holding the two slates together, with the writing on both showing, the word PLAYS is revealed.

Although the word was selected so fairly, to all appearances you must have known what word it would be. As a matter of fact, you don't as no particular word is forced. Reasoning further, the list is not exchanged for half of it is in volunteer's hands always. The prediction is not switched for your written on slate is never again touched by you. The prediction is direct with no double meaning.


I like this title. It immediately suggests sleights. There are none. I like this title.

Effects Two volunteers each hold one end of a siz-foot length of twine. A ping pong ball, with a hole through its center* has been threaded on the twine and made secure with a knot. The ball, which may be marked, oii center of cord is covered with a handkerchief. Under its cover the ball is removed uninjured. The knot remains. Nothing is secretly concealed in the hands at any time.

Method: The holes, one on each side of the ball, are made with the point of a sharp pen-knife. The blade is forced into the ball, withdrawn, given a quarter turn, and again inserted. The result closely resembles a star-trap. The twine used must be quite stiff. Two pieces are used. One is about six feet long and the other about eight inches.

Each end of the short piece is inserted in one of the holes in the ball. The long piece of twine is passed through this loop thus formed,, and a single knot tied and drawn fairly tight. The illusion of the ball being threaded and tied in a loose knot on a long cord now is complete.

Presentation the ball on twine if you wish. Two ends of the cord loosely between ball with a big, and ask for a out one end of and push it all, you, inside the knot so its loop to that made by Remove the handker-release of the ball,

Display and have it marked volunteers hold the with it stretched them. Cover the opaque handkerchief little slack. Pull the short twine twisting will aid ball. Open out the compares in size the short twine, chief and show the with no injury to it or the cord. Both will bear examination. With more short pieces of twine the ball may be used a number of times.

(Note by Annemann: Wacky as it may sound this idea is cute to have around the home. You mention having learned a strange principle relating to the fourth dimension. Dig a ping pong ball from a drawer and proceed to make, or pretend to, the star traps. Say that you need a piece of twine and a large needle. Go out of the room while the guest (s) have a sip of their lemonade and the better-half throws up her hands (albeit rather proudly) and says, "These tricks!" Come back with the faked setup and a large embroidery needle still on one end of the cord which you then remove. Show and have covered and proceed to do the unexplainable. Don't forget to retrieve the fair ball from the kitchen table and put it back in the drawer for the next event.)


Plot: Somewhere, every thought that you ever will ever possess is waiting to be brought into the world. I ask you to think of something - a word will do - in a manner that requires some conscious effort on your part. That gives me time to project my astral body to the waiting place for your unborn thoughts. Your conscious effort removes a thought and brings it into being on our earth.

As I am on the spot, by psychic vision I see that thought removed,

0 0

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