Snap Knot

Hold a 30 inch square silk handkerchief of solid color by the opposite corners. Roll the silk by the usual swinging of it in a circular manner. Then hold it as shown In illustration 4. More than one-third of the silk is hanging over the right little finger. Bend your first, second and third fingers around the silk and give your right hand a twist towards your body. Form a loop around the three fingers by turning the palm up and throwing the loose end of the silk over the section held between the two hands. This loose end Is now on the side facing the audience. See illustration 5.

Bring your right fingers over to your left, and grasp the left end of silk between the right first and second fingers. Release the silk, except for the end now held between the right first and second fingers. Give the silk a toss outward as if you were trying to snap It. The loop you have formed will be drawn tight, and a knot will be made on the other end of the silk. On your first trials the knot probably will slip off the end of the silk. It takes a little effort to get the knack. To those who have Rice's

Naughty Silk Routine --- Wers you ever asked to repeat the snap knot and find you were stuck? Try this. It works.

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