Smoked Glasses

When tfenil started publication one of its first great effects was the Ten Kai Glass Lévitation. It caused much comment and became popular as tricks go. Pran'c Ducrot added ~~

an ancient smoke effect to the feat to greatly enhance the presentation, AND IMPROVED THE GIMLilCK. .Vhereas the original idea U3ed a short bit of knotted thread, and subsequent tightening of the knots would cause failure, the Ducrot Tiimick •vas of metal and entirely did away with chance of accident. Prank showed this to us on Nov. 8, 1937 and gave us permission to use it in The Jinx. We never did fret around to it, -for "Duke" was selling it over the counter and we had plenty material to use otherwise. Recently, again in Genii, was explained the Ducrot routine of

Frank Ducrot

Frederick Eugene Powell smoked filled glasses. However, the gimmick was not revealed so we proceed.

Two medium size glasses with straight sides are shown with a book and a large heavy handkerchief or towel. The cloth la folded lengthwise until about four inches wide, and laid evenly across the book whose binding is towards the spectators. The cover of the book is now lifted and the ends of the cloth on either side are folded in and under and the cover pressed firmly down. A cigarette or cigar is lighted and, after a deep puff or two, a glass 13 picked up and very carefully put to the lips when the mouthful of smoke is let dribble down into the tumbler, tfith the glass nearly full of the smoke, the other glass is picked up. By slowly tipping the smoke alass over the lip of the empty glass, the smoke pour3 from one to the other very effectively. Then it i3 poured back into the original BUT ONLY HALF.

The two tumblers are quickly, and together, inverted upon the cloth on the book, trapping the smoke. The right thumb is placed firmly between the glasses and the fingers to beneath the book. Book and glasses are lifted into the air and then slowly the hand turns over. The glasses remain a ^ainat the cloth even after tl'o. turn is completed and they are beneath the book, Then the nearest spectator is askotj to select one of the glasses. He is asked to take it. And it cones away easily

Harry Houdini

T.Nelson Downs in his hand while the performer takes the remaining glass and both blow the smoke away. The towel or hand-cerchief is shaken out, and, with the book, put aside.

We 've nade clear the handling of the smoke and its place in the effect. It's just one of those oddities that works, and in this instance lends a truely pseudo-scientific atmosphere to the trick. The gimmick? Just a small piece of bent metal Inside the hem on the cloth.

Secure a piece of hardened metal about one-quarter inch wide and one and a half inches long, at each end a quarter or 3/8 in. bit is bent upward, depending upon the thickness of the cloth used. And it will take experimentation to find out exactly how lonf, the fake should be for that depends upon the width of your right thumb when normal and not pressed down. This is sewen inside the border of the cloth, and after the folding and placing around the cover of the book, it is at the center of the top and last fold with the side edges turned upward.

The two glasses are inverted with their edges inside this fake's width, when the right thumb is placed between the glasses, and forced down against the cover of the book, the action presses the glass lips against the bent up ends and keeps them from falling during the subsequent maneuvres. nhen the spectator reaches to take one of the inverted glasses, the performer takes the remaining one at the same tine and without a move (apparent) the release is affected.

This Is an awfully pretty club trick, and the use of the new gimmick eliminates any possible stretch in cord or knots which can easily, and very often has, caused disaster.

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