With a pack of cigarettes in hand, and nothing on the body or elsewhere to worry about, the performer causes it to continually change from brand to brand while both sides are always seen, and removes a cigarette after each change, tossing it into audience to prove that the cigarrettes also change to the corresponding brand.

This is an excellent number or item for the stage manipulator of cigarettes, and it can be introduced at any time in the program simply by removing the pack from pocket. The patter can be that the performer's friends all seem to .like different brands, and to be popular, he must resort to his calling and give them what they like. Finally he states that he own brand is Camel, changes the pack once more, removes cigarette and places it in his mouth, lights it, tosses the remainder of pack into the audience, and continues with his manipulations.

Six changes are about right. Purchase a pack of Lucky Strike, Old Gold, Chesterfield, Wings, Fatima, and two of Cemels. The Camels are opened and six of the cigarettes removed. One each of the other brands is placed back into the Camel pack. Why six out and only five back? So they will come out easily.

Carefully remove the covers from the other packs and paste the fronts to the backs as per the following table, using a playing card in between each pasted front and back for support.


Lucky Strike

Old Gold





Back Camel

Lucky Strike Old Gold Chesterfield Wings Fatima

These are dried under pressure and trimmed neatly to size. Assemble (disregarding backs) by placing in this order: Lucky Strike, pack of Camels, Camel, Fatima, Wings, Chesterfield, and Old Gold.

Held in left hand, the face is outward and open end of pack away from you. By changing them to right hand the back may be seen by audience while left fingers remove a cigarette. This move shows the back without Calling any attention to it verbally. They'll notice it. In your right pocket have a single match or lighter.

Being careful of the side edges showing, the pack as first removed appears to be Lucky Strike. The extra cigarettes in pack are in correct order for removing. Take a Lucky out and toss it to audience. Now, with your favorite color change, or two or three of them for variation, pass the back double card (Old Gold-Lucky Strike) to the front. Change over to right hand after the change has been noted, and remove correct cigarette for toss out, the back of pack being seen. Pack is placed back in left and another change made. Continue in the same manner until Fatima is showing. State that your own brand is Camel. Make the change to Camel. Change pack to right hand. Remove cigarette and place in mouth. Put pack back *- —J -------

Searchable & Indexed the loose cards with right, reach into pooket and secure matoh, light cigarette, toss match away or pocket lighter, and then, as an afterthought, toss the entire pack into audience. Continue with any cigarette routine starting with the lighted cigarette that you now have.

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