Sim Sala

A "mystery spectacle" assembled, staged performed by Dante (Harry A. Ian' Press age^t, Charles Washburn. Assoc press agent, Frank Coodman. Presentee Harry A. (arisen.



ILLUSIONISTS: Byron Cheu. Frank Curcio, Wil-ham Easley, Cregory Ferrer, Stanley Franklin. Leland Harris, Arrtn Jackson, Gean Jordan. Harry Kellar, Joseph Keegan, Marty Faberl Nate Ward. George White, Allen Whitney, Paul Yoon, Anabell Brooks, Diana Ferrer Dorothy K.rby, Lynn Nelson. Mollie Sherman, Helen Shocket. Gloria Washburn, Harriet Williams.

When, several weeks ago, a magician billed as Dante announced the impending opening Monday (9) of Sim Sala Bim, the first magic show to hit Broadway in seasons, he was almost as much a mystery to the Stem as am» of 'his illusions. That, aa it turns ou,, -vas only natural: Dante, since he parted company with. Howard Thurston in 1927, has been touring practically every corner of the known —and, so far aa this reporter can tell, the unknown—world. The partial list of engagements given in the program reads like the combined itineraries o£ all the tours in a travel catalog,

Dante, incidentally, is not to be confused with the Italian Dante who made hell both famous and boring. This one Is far livelier and more entertaining. Born Harry A. Jansen, he is a Danish-American who, after touring in vaudeville on his own. became associated with Thurston and then went out on his own again 13 years ago. A trouper of the old school, he combines the geniality and humor of an old-line vaudevtllian with a series of magical effects that make up a thoroly entertaining evening. There's very little in the abracadabra line that he misses, from conventional sleight of hand to the disappearance of three people suspended In a basket from the flies. Almost all the old favorites are there, in addition to some that are new, at least to this reporter. And the program, exciting and interesting and very often genuinely mystifying. Is aided immensely by Dante's humor and genial, half-kidding stage presence.

Naturally, in a show in which one man holds the spotlight for more than two hours, his performance varies. He is least effective in the run-of-the-mill sleight of hand, in which he is not at all aided by the width of the Morosco, which allows customers at the sides of the house to see not only some of the manipulation but also a part of the modus operandi of less important illusions. On the other hand, many of the larger numbers are terrific — smoothly executed, amusingly presented, and completely baffling.

There are, as a matter of fact, only two things wrong with the show. One is the fact that the program tantalizlngly lists a huge number of additional tricks in Dante's repertory, a dirty trick on avid customers like this one, who would have

MOI YO MIIXER—Female illusionist who will appear with »ante, the Magician, in "Sim Sala Bim," new mystery revue opening Monday evening at the Morosco Theatre.

New York World-Telegram 30Wed« Sept. 11. 1940

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