Sigmund S KkUMGOLD ggM

*Sear Ted:

•«■»' To me, life begins around a poker table.

Personally I wouldn't bet a dime on a horse and I'm soared to death of a pair of dice, but on the turn of a card you can talce my shirt. Speaking of shirts, I'd take yours, too, in a poker game, although I might give it back to you. You're not the worst fellow in the world.

This mania that possesses me has taken me into many strange places and I have rubbed elbows around gaming tables with about every nationality on the face of the earth; red, white, yellow and black. You can believe me when I say that I have eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge and have learned many things that only experience oan teach.

I have patronized high class "clip joints", and I have played in honky tonks for dimes, where your percentage of having a loan repaid was far greater than from some of those people who say their prayers every night.

Of all nationalities, for a gamble for your dough, let me sit (turn to next page)

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