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Oetobsr 16,1935

UK. ANKBIANK, Waverly, New York

Assuming that by chance you might be Bpeaking the tiuth when you Baid you would print my reply to your unwarranted, unprovoked and unprincipled attack on stage Magic and myself, I am sending yai my reply. Of course, you may as well for I shall print 3,000 copies to go ait with our fall mailing anyway.

A.s practically everyone in Magic knows I am just now recovering from a two months illness, had teen ordered away by doctors for that period and recofcperated at Bayville, on the northshore of Long Island. All dealers were notified, Holden, Mcrot, BerGin, The Sphinx olfice (all of which yxu fre<»ient) and even Thayer, Davenport of England, etc. as you, self-appointed magic news columnist ::ust have also known of it-- I can only aswme that you took this opportunity for attacking a man you know to bs ill with the sole idea ol Injuring the publication of a brother magician— a.true tratemal spirit/

As Definately stated in advefctisements STAGE MAGIC is not a monthly magazine nor news periodical. It is A Magic goaJt— issued in Parts, each part or section being trimmed and punched for loose leaf binding, to be added to proceeding parts, this forming a continuous and constantly growing text book of Hagical affects. Each subscriber subscribes for so many Parte ( as stated in bracket» in hie subscription fonn) and he will receive just that many Parts or sections. Yes, This dispite the fact that I have enlarged the parte ot approximately twice or double the size originally promised subscribers—and that they are getting double the value originally implied or indicated by the first or sample issue'PAKT 1"

Yes, it is tiue that if you had sibecrlbed at the original wb-scrlption price of #5.00 you would have today something which has doubled in value, and enlarged to twioe the size ie now selling at 410.00. The subscribers purchased an article which a short time after was selling at Double the pries and was giving twice the dividends in' contents, volume, and value--AND THliY KNOW IT.

ior 29 years I have been writing and publishing Hagicial books for magicians, now totalling nearly 40 volutaBs, which books I am glad to say have won the appreciation of thousands of magicians and are sold by all the leading magicial concerns and dealers of importance from here to England, Germany, and Aistralia. I have over twelve hinrtred signed Testimonials ranging from some of the analleet members of our profession to prominent persons like Thirston, Horace OOlden, and like celebrities.

All magic knows that I will fiilfiill my obligations (is in the cast with the best book that I can possibly produce and with about dmble the <|iality and volume which I orininallj) advertised— Just as I did with EXPERT MANIPULATION and rumerous other books which have appeared with about DOUBLE the contents and double the illustrations prordsed.

Really worthwhile books often taice a little longer (especially if enlarged to double size) than originally planned— as witness J. N. Hillalrd's ART OF MAGIC, which appeared about two years after the subscription date, also same of Goldetone's books, Max Holden'S COIN MAGIC, which was three months passed it's advertised dates and even your ■BOOK WITHOUT A NAl'.E", which after various delays might neT?r hare appeared at all, ior you deserted it. If it had not been for one of the magic al dealers who had accepted a lot of orders, being approached by the printer and agreeing to finance it providing you released all claims on the first printing, your book might not even hare appeared by now? That 1s my answer. Let us see if you will publish it.

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