Seven Wenches Of

Publisher's note: For the readers who do no┬╗ wish to mutilate their Jinx pages in order to make use of the Bluebeard effect, an extra set of pictures is supplied with this issue. The heads should be mounted on cardboard and cut out. Extra pages will be supplied for stamped and addressed envelopes.

Those who have read the fairy tale version of Bluebeard and his wives will immediately realize that the mise en scene is easily applicable in the case of the seven wenches.

The performer has seven drug en velopes which he explains represent the seven doors behind which Bluebeard incarcerated his wives.

The seven beheaded ladies are shown, and their name8 read from the back of each as the performer puts them into the seven envelopes, that is, behind the doors. For the present, the flans are not sealed.

It is not probable, but it is highly possible that Bluey, when on deviltry bei and desirous of a fresh victim for hie chamber of horrors, ambled benignly up and down corridor selecting the lady by some simple whim or caprice.

The performer offers to let members of his audience play "cut throat" for a while and asks that two of them merely think of the names of the lady who might be their next victim. Carelessly mixing the envelopes the performer places the packet on the hand of one person and asks him to whisper, but loudly, the name of the ft r one destined for &iry fate.

Now the spectator moves an envelope at a time from the top of the packet to the bottom, spelling a letter of the gal's name with each move.

On the last letter he stops and retains the envelope in hand. From it he removes the beheaded lady. It is she}

The effect is repeated with the second person, once more an amateur Bluebeard successfully finding the lady r desires. And then comes the final test. The performer removes the heads from the envelopes. He picks on a third person and aska him to mentally pick the one lady of the seven he'd like to save from a deserved or undeserved death. Then he is asked to freely select one of the envelopes. It is given him and while the performer's back is turned, the spec-

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