This is another one of those feat3 that will make talk wnen presented at the proper time. It can be used as a press stunt, in fact, it is probably best as such and it apparently is presented on the spur of the moment. Needless to say, the climax is a complete surprise. I've known the principle for a long time and was at the nome of Gordon Peck in ¿lens Falls, ¿1.1. wnen the opportunity arose to put tne stunt over. It has always been used as a comedy stunt wherein the performer would have a plant come up and then proceed to take off his shirt without removing his coat, iff adaptation turns it into a one man mystery and although rather funny It Is at the same time a mystery.

The performer says tnat he cm pass 90llds through solids and using a piece of rope or cord proceeds to have his wrists tightly and securely tied together. Tnere is no faking about tals so De certain tnat the tie is above reproacn and tnoroughly done. Retiring foi a few minutes tne performer endeavors to remove his coat with his wrists still tied. However, he calls In that he is having a difficult time and doesn't think he can make it. but, in order not to dissapolnt his audience he will do the next best thing and remove his shirt. As he finishes this he appears with the shirt over his arm and everything can be rigidly examined.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare for this feat and one can leave the party and return ready to do It at any later time. I have walked around set for a full evening Just waiting for tne rlgnt time to spring it. Take off your coat, vest and shirt. Now throw the snlrt over your shoulders like a cloak and button the collar around your neck and the first button or two down. Now button the cuffs around your wrists. Put on your tie, vest and coat. After all, the only parts of the shirt that can be seen are tne collor and cuffs. Alth everytnlng adjusted you can proceed to be the life of the party until you are ready for the climax.

Now nave the wrists tied in front of you. Leave the room but stay within talking distance. First pull tie out enough to take it off over your head. Unbutton the collar and first button or so. Now unbutton the cuffs with your teeth as you only have to get hold at the right spot and pull it off tne button. Now reach over your head to back and bending over pull shirt off back. The sleeves will come out. Xou can t do this in one pull but Just short pulls will get it all out In a few seconds. Now put tie back over head and pull It up snug. Button coat and vest and you are through. They can all examine through tne night but nothing can be found. It isn't difficult to work with the hands tied and the performer who tries this out and uses It once In a while as a stunt for reporters or In spot situations will have something people will really remember £nd talk about whenever they think of the performer.

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