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Looking for new principles is like searching for the proverbial needle. Finding a really-new dress for old tricks is luxury enough for most magi. The following is something for many who want a stunt off the beaten path and away from the stereotyped message on the slate. Try-it at your next housewaraing.

Showing four pieces of ordinary silicate to be clean on every side, the performer has a member of his audience make a choice and two are banded together and held.

Ten cards, each bearing a single figure, and ranging from one to zero, are freely shown, all of them then being mixed by someone. Placing them in his pocket, performer has four people remove one card each in turn, the selected cards indicating a four figured number» Let its say that the number is 2750. The performer recounts a bit, reminding that two pieces of blank boaTd are being held by the audience, and that a four figured number has certainly been freely chosen by chance. He throws out the remaining six cards and asks that the boards be separated.

Almost everyone will expect to find the number written on one of the pieces of silicate (didn't you?). But, noI Written in large chalk letters of ancient script is found "NUMBERS IV - 36". This is an occasion for oon Jecture as to what has happened, but suddenly (if no one else has beaten you to ltt) a bible is mentioned, and the gracious host or hostess provides one. The fourth chapter of the book of Numbers, verse 36, reads, "And those that were numbered of them by their families were two thousand seven hundred and fifty"»

And that's the selected number) Everything can now be examined as nothing is left to find wrong. Of the three component parts in the experiment, only the denouement with the bible is original. The method of the silicate pieces is credited to Dr. Jacob Daley, and selection of numbers is a twist of forcing as yet unpublished by Annemann.

With the four boards in left hand, the writing is on the upper side of the third piece from top. The practical size is 5x7 inches. The left little finger is holding a break between the 3rd and 4th pieces to start. With his pocket handkerchief, the performer rubs the surface of the top piece, and then turns it over with the right finger and thumb at the right cor ner nearest body. The new surface is cleaned and the top piece slid off and dropped on table. The top of next piece is cleaned and then turned over, but this time two of the pieces are turned together.

The newly presented surface is cleaned and the second piece put on table. Therefore the underside of this second piece carries the writing and the remaining pieces are cleaned in the same manner as the others. The four boards are on the tablein a row and have been fairly cleaned. A spectator chooses two. If he includes the message one give them to him with the writing inside.If he misses it, toss the pointed at two into crowd and give him those left. So much for that.

Get two sets of cards bearing single figures from zero to nine. All magic dealers have them in stock. Take numbers 2-7-5-0 from one of the (continued on page 310)


Facte 305

Drop a line to The de Laurence Co., 179 North kichigan Ave., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. and aSk for their latest catalogue of occult books and supplies. There are 576 pages of material and information that will confound the most erudite. ,Ho one interested in magic and mystery should miss having this free conpendium on their book shelf. Screwy but intrigueing.

Charles Driscoll recently columned in the spot where O.O.McIntyre used to beam, "Joseph Dunninger, mindreader, has all the mannerisms of the old gaslight miracle man who sold Indian herb remedies with magic tricks thrown in. But he has 'em gentled down and slicked up for drawing room use." In March 1937, Bob Rhinehart said in Variety (Jinx No.31) "sells himself with medicine 3how technique AND GETS ACROSS." (Caps are mine). At that time there was hell to pay on the theory that Bob was a sour critic and Incapable. Despite these critiques, Dunninger is pulling down more national publicity than any three magicians combined, and with tricks that you, you, and you (me too) have passed up.

From Radio Dally - May 17 - Kajar, a suave deceiver, has been signed by CBS for four years. First time a magician has been signed for the air - we believe. Dramatization will deal with magical tricks and exposes! --- From Toledo News

Bee - Kay 24 - (Headlines) Radio to Teach Magio at Home - American Magicians' Society Head to Give Secrets Away in Mutual Show Due Early In June. Come June 2nd all faithful radio listeners can learn magic tricks at home. And what a pretty little picture that conjures up- an entire happy little family working hard at learning magic tricks - a fine contribution to American culture. The new show will be called "Magio In The Air," and will feature Richard DuBols of the National Society of American Magicians.—-

Al Altman, former S.A.M. Ethics Committee head, and who resigned from the committee for reasons for which he won't be quoted, Insists and will give concrete reasons why television will kill magic. And words from an Eastern head of MGM should have weight. I recall Fred Keating' s classic, "Magic isn't dying. It's being murdered by magicians!"

Charles Boyer is being considered for the role of lloudinl in the life story of the arch mystifier provided Paramount will sell him to

United Artists. --- Frank Lane has come out with a monthly service of patter and gags that are up to the minute. It is appropriately called "Cheap Talk" the price being a quarter. Patter material has been sadly neglected in the past decade and good ideas for standard trlcka are sorely needed. However, In Nov. 1936 Frank wrote a letter wherein he advised re smutty patter, "lay off that kind of stuff because it'll get you NOWHERE." (caps are his) "he got to telling smutty stories --- and when word got around, everyone was afraid to hire him where women were" — "my sincere advice to you Is to cut all that stuff out and get after the better stuff." In the first issue, Frank has "gotten after the better stuff" by applying The Farmer's Daughter story to a trick and comes through with a word that Isn't considered very high in the Back Bay section of I Boston. Otherwise he's got a swell idea.

Self centered dept. - From Genii - Tom Call reports good bookings around Boston with his

Page new mental act that is based on Annemann's "En Rapport." and again - Recently saw Newton Hall do Walsh's "Magician's Dream" that was in Jinx No. 43. It is all Annemann said it would be. Excuse the blurbs, but we do take some pride in seeing our contents actually being used. Harlan Tarbell uses "Color Blindness" from Jinx No. 27. Glen pope and Howard Brooks used "Before Your Eyes" from Jinx No.32, thank's to Sig Krumgold and Norman Ashworth respectively. We're coming out with a list one of these days and show just how many Jinx Items are being presented in the programs of well known professionals.

The May "Tops" had a contribution to their "It's a,Pip" Contest in which "Before Your Eyes" (Jinx No.32) was changed from a slate effect to one with a business card and Pip liquid. My, my, but didn't that very same thing appear as a tip in the last Jinx Extra? It came from Charles Ny-qulst then. Maybe people can win contests with material the Jinx just tosses in as hints? And If the side tips are that good, we'll have the devil of a time keeping up to par with our regular array of tricks!

We have had to back down on the promise of an Impartial seven man jury for reviewing books as detailed last issue. I received two definite kicks that it would be unfair (to magicians?) to have seven "yes" or "no" verdicts BECAUSE Iff WOULD MEAN SEVEN LESS PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS! I am led to assume that that would be the difference between profit and lossI

Who was the young magician, on a cruise, who explained the short wave mindreading gadget to a passenger, and tried to promote $200 so the two could use it for gypping race horse books? — Speaking of occasions when exposes really hurt, this one is quite the tops, Frances (Car-lyle) Finneran used the bird cage on a reoent boat trip. Following his act a few movie shorts were shown. Ope was the David Allison picture wherein the bird cage was exposed in slow motlonl

Harlan Tarbell broke a very sweet feature article in the May 21 N.Y.World-Telegram. It was all regarding the "Eyeless Vision" as a strictly "legit'* power. No trickery was admitted. Personally, we delight In such publicity, but It would be interesting if Houdihi were alive. He would have hurled anathema on Tarbell and filled the following day's papers with a duplication of the feat as outright trickery. He did It with' Ramon pey and again with Argamasllla, bluffing them both to a standstill. It was all good publicity though, when (but they seldom did) they fought back. We miss those fights.

We're behind the others In mentioning two of the late publications. Tom Osborne's 3 to 1 Rope Trick is a routine away from the too, too familiar cutting up business, and It should find a spot in many programs. He did it to a nice reception at the S.A.M. Annual Banquet, lbe Jack Chanln booklet "Further Adventures of the Seven In One" has refined and improved the principle with which Jack has fooled many magi, and it is applicable to anyone's deck at any time. The blindfolded bit is especially recommended. Perhaps our tardy reporting will stir up some of the boys who may have passed these by.

(continued on page 307)

[THE JINX is a monthly symposium _ k of mystery published by Theo.Annemann" PWaverly,N.Y.,U.S.A. 25 cents the copy,J fcj^lsaueg for $1.^ COPYRIGHT 1938.

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