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But back to the hank ball. Three hanks are knotted together (let us call them red, white and blue, for clarity) and the red silk Is poked into the ball to be followed by the white. After the knot holding the white and blue Is put Into the ball, the remainder of the blue Is allowed to stay out. These three hanks, Starting with the free end of the blue, are packed into the "master" production cube. On top of the hank ball are packed the white and red silks.

The glass? And the goblet? The latter is ordinary. The glass is a new type of mirror glass. The old type is passe for the reason that the dividing piece of polished tin (usually) or nickeled metal looked (and always did) too artificial. This new glass can be made easily by obtaining a fluted tumbler and into it inserting a cross section of polished tin "bent in a quarter-inch zig-zag fashion." The "zig-zag" bends does the trick that, for years, has been the one fault with mirror glasses. The Illusion becomes perfect. "Freeze" this "mirror" with any kind of glass cement. Now the back half of the glass should be water tight. And Into it you put a nice portion of grape Juice* Set the glass empty side outward.

The routine? First, make your entrance. The box Is shown and Its door opened and banged about. While they remain open you make the remark ahout the possibility of something being there they cannot see. You look around, pick up the cube and drop it into the box. Nothing can be thereI Take It out (those little half-circle out outs are handy now) and put It a-slde. The "master" load box Is left Inside but: it can't be seen. You've reversed the spectator's thoughts and outloaded theml In showing them that there oan't be anything inside not visible you've proven it while introducing a bundle of silks they oan't see.

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A last show of the apparently empty box (now) proceeds the closing of the top door and then the front. A pass and an invocation. The top door Is opened and the red silk produced. As you start to pick out the white hank the box Is set down. The red and the white silks are laid over the table edge and the blue silk Is brought out last, you grasping the hank ball and laying the silk with the others with the ball to the rear and slightly tucked under the other ends.

Put the box aside and make a "to do" about showing the hands empty. Pick up the red silk. Roll It between the two hands until its last corner disappears within the palms. Close the hands Into fists and raise the right hand to arms length, following It towards the right with your eyes, as the left clenched fist goes deliberately to the left trouser pocket and grasps the pull.

Look at the audience, look towards the left pooket containing hand, look back at audience, smile and shake your head, look at the outstretched right hand and open the fingers to allow the handkerchief to unfold. It's a chuckle. But now you do It seriously. And when your hands come together again you have the pull secured from the left trouser pocket. This is one of the most perfectly subtle ways of securing a pull extant. There Isn't one hidden gesture.

The right fingers push the red silk away, this time, and then the right hand picks up the white silk and pushes that away also. The two hands are rubbed together, the pull "files", and the hands are empty. But without any hesitation, or any emphasis upon this evanishment, for there is one yet to go, you pick up the blue silk by the ball, change-over to the left hand, and proceed to poke away the blue silk.

This last disappearance is Just before the reproduction. It Is so close, and the previous vanish of two silks was so clean, that little need be done to make this last vanish more authentic than It looks at first glance. The audience expect it. The magician has but a hank ball In his hands and a regulation "change-over palm serves to show each hand empty as the music (if any) builds to a climax where the hands come together and bring out three silks tied at their.corners. To another world they went alone — from that other world they return, united.

We never did quite figure out what to do with hank ball, now left empty, but someone said It might be dropped into a "well" as the empty hand held the string of silks and the other went to pick up the glass and show It with a gesture» That meant putting the glass down again while the silks were rolled up, so, to save a move, why not Just produce the string of them, shake out with the hand holding the ball palmed, roll them around a oouple of fingers of the free hand, dig Into a pocket for a band of rubber with which to surround the bundle, leave the ball behind, and stop worrying about that part?

Now watch your step. We figured this last part almost with blueprints. You are at the left of the table. The bundle of silks are at your left fingertips. Pick up the glass with right hand and poke the hanks Into the front half. Now reach down (and across) to get the goblet with the left hand. As you do this, the right fingers little by little work the glass around. Of course, In bundling the silks you've left the red one most dominant. As you straighten up, the wine half of glass is to the front.

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