Riverside Dr

.-Front studio, piano, ver. kitchenette, 110.

EL CENTRE. $S up. .übles, private bath». rive).-Sunny, comforting bath; Hotel Serv-

315TH <85 Park Terrae« West) .-Country at-mosphere, subways, bathrooms; #5. LOr-rslne 7-0151. ______(Cl)

ally attractive «ingle, mg people please^ ^n-

front room, k lichen-b. shower, telephone;

.-Marvelous valuel lath, elevator; rea-(Bl)

front baument. g>rl-tte, QUlet house; rea-(Ml)

■e).-Large, airy double privileges. TRafalcar (fil)

)rated single, medium, ¡beseitet, quiet, res« _(HI)

149TH (3609 B'WAY).—300 ROOMS Singles, doubles, spacious, complete kitchen, refrigeration; 34-hour telephone, elevator. $3-$8_______(Fl)

179TH,700 (Bway.) (Johnson).-Single, double, front, privat« bath, housekeeping, elevator. >5._(El)

180TH.703W. (31).-Attractive, homelike, single. near bath $3.50: telephone: subways.

1S0TH (430 Fort Washington) (2H).-Large front, near bath; kltcben privileges; prl-ite, <E1>

181 ST (481 Fort Washington) 'M>.-Btudiov 1-3 rooms, tnnersprlng, >8 up; servios (Kl) 1818T.812 W. (35).-Large, nicely furnished front, twin bed«, kitchen privilege. (Pi)

Housekeeping room; also small; free parking. ____

JES UP AVE., 1387 (170th) .-Large, light room, suitable 1-3 gentlemen: reasonable. (4D). (E3)

188TH.E.-Singles, $3-14, separate entrance, convenient transportation; reference«. FOrdham 5-5017. (D3)


BOROUGH PARK (Culver. 18th Ave.).-Beautiful location, 1-3; private shower. Windsor 0-5731. ___

HILL (348 Cumberland) (Independent-Cumberland) -3 rooms, housekeeping, ». «ingle. MAln 3-0781._____<M5)

OCEAN AVE.. 75 (Apt. 5B)—Lovely large room, elevator, doorman: Prospect Park B. M. T. express; $25. BDckmlnster 7-0952.

OCEAN PKW AY.. 1791 (Kings Hway.)-Bed-—om, living room; private; $5.50. Harris.

PARK SLOPS (810 10th)-Frlvate home.

suitable 1-3. (lndependent-7th Ave. station^_(N8)

RIDGE BLVD., 8401 (88th).-Beautiful',' restricted; gentlemen, $5-»6. garage. BSach-vlcw 8-0011. _

PRIVATE Christian family offers modern room, 1-3 gentlemen. Independent *ubwa< NEvlns 8-8813. (M-l

Queens and Lonf Island

FORE9T HILIA-L»T«e front, suitable two gentlemen; 3 minute« 8th ave. subway, 8 minutes World's Fair. BOulevard 8-9463 (Hi)

Curry Chevrolet, I3OLID Mhg. Duncan Phyfe Sofa—

PLYMOUTH 1940 de 1. sedan, official s car.

run 1300 miles, radio, heater, other extras; 3-year guarantee; $95 down. bat. 34 root. Chrysler-Plymouth. 3395 B w»y (133rd)

PLYMOUTH 1940 officials' custom sedan.

$375 Reduction off original Price. 90-day warrantee. $95 dowh. Dodge New Plymouth, 388 B 138th (3rd. Ave.), Bronx.

PLYMOUTH 1935 sedan, spotless. $185.

Many other makes and Rfodets. Klmger Bros., Pontlae, Grand Concourse, ----

151st St.

Personal, 1873 B'way (611

Mlfltown Chevrolet Dlv..'


Mlfltown Chevrolet Dlv PLYMOUTH 1938 4-door trui and heater; 8195. FERRANTE. 455 East 146th. PLYMOUTH «35 credit «Up. price: new car deaL AUd.

CHEVROLET 1937 Sedan delivery, $367. Unusually fine condition. See it quick : I Studebatgr New York, Broadway at 86th. CHEVROLET 1936 l'/a-ton, cab. 157" wheel-base. duals, $150. White Motors. 31-10 Thomson Av*.. L. I. City. STillwell 4-8600. DODGE Truck, transportation body. lVfe-1'

ton. Althauter's, 301 West 54th. COlum-bus 5-3265 ___

1 Striped Tuxedo Sofa, so^ mhg. frame—$69 HO-pc. Mhg. Duncan Phyfe dining room-5129 1 A, Altman Resale Dept.. 57 East 8th.

UNUSUALLY attractive down cushion .mod-erne sofa. $65. Beautiful mahogany twin »edroom, new bedding, $135. George's. 105 W. 51st.


FORD 1937 "85" sedan delivery, newly painted, R. * ~ ~~ "— —* ~ trade:. PR08P1

PONTIAC 1939 6-cyllnder

beautiful dark blue finish, whiti. tire«, very low mileage, 859$. Herberi tors. 1860 Broadway (bet. 4lst-62nd lumbils 5-3415.

X- UKX v aitstu

Windsor 8-8407._

BUCKMIN8TBR Nursing Rome, Dietary Laws. Registered Nurse«. 630 Ocean Ave.

Buckmlnster 7-4230._(NT)

CHRONIC, elderly people accommodated;



ACME. Frlgldalres. General Electrics, Cros-1 leys, brand new (original crates), from 19.95; late models, repossessions from $19.50. AUDUBON. 340 West 34th St. BRy-ant 9-0340.

COLDSPOTS. Electroiuxes. Frigidaires. General Electrics, guaranteed. $14.75 -------

free delivery. SERVICE, lELECTHOLUX, Frigidaire«. Guaranteed. ' $14.50 General Refrigerators Corp.. S18 30th STuyvesant 9-1333.

IG ID AIRES. Copelands. Majesties, $14 50: also late model repossessions: every re-Kerator guaranteed. Apex, 54 E. 11th /way). AL. 4-5382 _ ___

WANTED—Household Goods 169

ACME. Frlgldalres. General Electrics, Cros-1 leys, brand new (original crates), from 19.95; late models, repossessions from $19.50. AUDUBON. 340 West 34th St. BRy-ant 9-0340.


Own Price Sale."

UTILITY APPLIANCES. 398 East Klngsbridge Road. Bronx. Next to Edison and Telephone Companies. 47 Westchester Square, Bronx. 344 Bast 149th. Bronx. 31 West 14th St. 137-45 Northern Boulevard. Flushing.

Box El 160 Harlem

PROVIDENT $175, diamond engagement ring nearly 2k., perfect: cost $650. sacrifice tlckpî 585 Others. Box A337 Main Office World-Telegram._

PROVIDENT 1150. blue white, perfect: ticket $85. Others. Box C210 Washington Heights World-Telegram._

PROVIDENT $240. perfect solitaire:

ticket $135. Others. Box C219 Washington Heights World-Telegram

0 0

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