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under the shell penny and levers it into view at the tips of the 1st and 2nd fingers. The entire action takes but a split second and is so natural it almost hurts. Now the fake penny is laid over the fake dime in the left hand and everything looks as before.

Still pattering, the right hand is now getting the real dime up near the 1st and 2nd fingertips through the aid of the thumb. The real penny just lays in the hand, with no attempt to palm it.

Now the right hand crosses over for the third time to pick up the penny. The 1st and 2nd fingers touch the penny, the left fingers curl up naturally, and the right hand moves away just as if it had really picked up the penny. This move cannot be recommended too highly as it is completely deceptive and the acme of simplicity.

The left hand closes naturally and turns downward, this action snapping the fake dime and penny together into one coin. The right hand now leaves the real dime (apparently the penny) in the gentleman's hand who is instructed to close his hand over it quickly. Tell him to turn his hand palm down which prevents him from opening it and glimpsing the dime. ('Vhy should he, however, for you've done the same thing twice before and he doesn't know what you are building up to anyway?)

Pattering to the climax you open your left hand out and there on the palm is the lone penny. Pick it up with the right fingers and deliberately show it on both sides. The gentleman, or 'Wilbur' opens his hand and finds the dime. And you stand there waiting for any 'wise lDoy' to look the dime over with an at first knowing expression, but which always registers a little awe.

Of course the right hand is not idle. As you stand there while the dime is looked at, the fake penny is dropped into palm and the real one pushed out to tips of fingers. Then someone thinks of the penny which you have been holding before them constantly (?) and you nonchalently flip it to them.

In other words, first they have the penny in their hands, then the dime, then they have them both, and the wise ones can't find-anythiiK wrong at any time. The fake, of course, drops into the pocket in getting a cigarette or removing a handkerchief. If you're working quite steadily this season jrou can let them keep the coins, but if like me, you'd better get them back as soon as possible after the examination.

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