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A table at center stage.

One steuined goblet.

An embroidery hoop, or a rope quoit hoop.

One new deck, in its case of the flap type, and among the cards of which is a "shorr" card cut according to specifications.

One duplicate of this card incased in a threefold wallet under a glassine facing, the wallet to be banded each way and pocketed,

A length of 6 inch thread knotted at both ends and waxed at one. The waxed end is attached to a convenient coat button.

A breast pocket handkerchief at least 18 inches square.

An ornamental dagger or flashy envelope opener in the inside coat pocket.

Either one container of card daub pinned to the top of the inside coat pocket, or powdered graphite rubbed into the edge of the left coat sleeve where it can be gotten onto the right thumb too easily.

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