Report Op The Puzzle Department For September

We got a lot of nice postcards last month with answers to the two teasers (?) in Jinx No. 48

The correct answer for the first was A-Aoe of Spades; B-Klng of Hearts; C-Nine of Clubs.

The winning hand was a Jack high straight, the only possible legitimate solution.

There was a little confusion because of a none too good reproduction of one hand. The Two of Spades could have been mistaken for the Two of Diamonds, allowing a Spade flush to be made up. However, there were only a few such errors among the letters received so we have either forwarded the Jinx Extra asked for or filed their names for the forthcoming number.

Pa ira 34ft


Knowing hundreds of tricks with cards docs not make the best magioian. In presenting a few problems they do trick after trick in Whatever order they happen to think of them, rather than in a predetermined routine*

This being one of my own faults, I set about to blend one effect into the next, so that instead of a blur of disconnected effects, the spectators would be aware of hardly more than one long effect which included many surprises, each following the other in smooth sequence. Ten tricks are in this combination. I have found that where audiences will seldom remember more than one effect in any disconnected series, they will retain a vivid impression of the entire routine outlined.

Conforming with the title, this routine has been worked out to meet a situation where the performer must rely upon unprepared and borrowed cards entirely, and has no opportunity for a deck stack, no aces to gimmick, or prepared cards. Where conditions are not so stringent, effects of a not entirely impromptu nature can be included or substituted. The routine as given here runs from twenty to thirty minutes.

1. Composite Routine

2. Follow Me

3. Queer Quest

4. Subconscious Mystery

5. Ad Lib Spelling

6. Jordan Plus (Jardiner

7. Miracle Speller

8. Story of Crime

9. Mirasklll

10. Torn Deck Trick

Jinx Ho. Page 32 206

27 168

47 331

1938 Summer Extra 321 1936 Summer Extra 138 1938 Simmer Extra 326

0 0

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