THE GREAT KERLINI; b. Barnum&Bailey circus car en route through Illinois,Aug.15,1882; s. Victor and Edna(Bradna) M.;educated at intervals; Eton,Heidelberg,Beirut,Paris ; m. Mary Cordona, Jan. 1, 1914; children, Michael, 1916, dec., Roberta, 1921; carnival and circus magician, 1903-1912; full evening show 1912-1929; magic dealer 1930----;

Inventor of many effects and illusions including The Vanishing Elephant (Method No. 5), Haunted Alarm Clock, The Card Prom Hell, etc., etc.; Author: Legerdemainiacs, The Psychology of Deception, Sleight--of--Hand For Experts, Sawdust Trails; Editor: Conjurer's Monthly 1920-28; Decorations: Sacred Order of White Elephant presented at command performance by the Maharajah of Saringapatam.

Clubs:U.S.Society of Magicians, Pres. 192326; Circus Fans Club, Secretary 1938; Lamb's Club; Explorer's Club; Author's League. Honorary member: New York Homicide Squad; British Circle of Magic; The Magic Wand; Associated Wizards of Aberdeen; Canadian Order of Magi; Magic Circle of Sweden; Association des Prestidigitateurs; Maglecher Verein; El Illuslon-ismos;Sooledad de Magia; Society of Bombay Magicians; Association of Chinese Conjurers.

Hobbies: Archery,Table Tennis,Mrs. Merllni. Home : 13-& Washington Square ; Office : The Magic Shop, Times Square ; Phone: Mephisto 3-8244

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Clayton Ravison speaking. Ted Annemarin asked me to beg, borrow or steal one of The Great Merllnl's pet effects for this issue. Armed to the teeth with a select assortment of burglar tools and wearing a black mask,I descended one dark night on Merlini's infamous Times Square Magic Shop and jimmied my way in. Merlinl was there working busily on a method for sawing a woman in two---lengthwise I Asked for a trick for The Jinx, he pulled this one from a hat.

He gave me a dozen, small,visiting-card envelopes and went out of the room,leaving me alone. Following his directions to use my own deck of cards—a deck he'd never once as much as seen—I carefully selected a card (the Jack of Hearts); initialed it; placed it face down in one of the envelopes;sealed that; initialed the flap; and called Merlinl In. He took the envelope, waved his hand once or twice over It

---"to get the vibrations; each card has its own, you know". Then, leaving the envelope In full view, he took another deck, his own. He discarded the Joker, and spread the deck face dorm on the table. A lone red-backed card that showed up among the other blue ones was thrown to one side. "That," he said, "Is another new trick. Show you some time." He then passed his hand slowly above the spread, announcing that when his fingers passed above the duplicate of (turn to page 398)

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