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limercial world are responsible for many magical effects, and the following was born of such a thing.

The performer has the usual card selected, marked, and returned to the pack which is shuffled and dropped into a hat for further mixing, as the magus saya, in order that they may be shaken around without the possibility of being controlled by the hands.

From his pocket the performer now takes a roll of ribbon about two feet long, and unrolling it, may tie one end to his wand or a table knife to represent a fishing pole of sorts. The end of the line is lowered into the hat, and the performer asks spectator to name the selected card.

Slowly the line is raised, and on the very end is seen dangling the chosen card with its face to the audience. Removing it, the performer gives it to the selector as a souvenir of a magical fishing trip, and suggests that the owner may now have his catch stuffed and mounted as a trophy.

The effect is quite new and original, and the working is too clean for words. The selection and return of the card is done in the regular way, and the chosen and marked card then ^^^ is passed to top of deck in the usu- ^^^^^ al way*

A felt hat or derby is now taken and the deck dropped face down Inside. Any amount of side or circular shaking will not mix the cards a bit, but the audience can hear them hitting against the sides and it is all very realisticĀ» The performer can always see the top card staying right there. Put the hat on a chair or table so that one end of the chosen card is pointing towards audienceĀ«

The ribbon used should be of half inch wide stock, and preferably red in color. At one end make a half inch fold, and in this pocket sew three bee-bee shot.

At any Dennison store or stationery house, get a fifteen cent roll of Scotch Cellulose Tape, manufactured by the Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Co. Get the half-inch size in red. This is positively the greatest sticking medium on the market to-day, bar none. Take a one inch length of the tape and let it curl naturally. It will curl with the adhesive side outward.

Now stick the tape onto the ribbon end which is weighted, so that the curl of the half inch left free reaches just below (l/8th inch) the end of ribbon. Roll ribbon loosely from the unweighted end, and have it pocket or at hand.

Proceed with the effect as described. Tie ribbon to wand or knife with the adhesive at rear. When you lower the line into hat, have the end of ribbon meet the chosen card as near as possible to the front end. Don't Jerk it or work fast but let it surely rest on the card. How raise the card out slowly, remove and return. Just a touch of the adhesive is necessary and it is surprising how it works. And it is more surprising to note the effect on the audience.

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