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Editor's note: The following Cup and Ball man-

euvre will fit in very nicely with the subsequent effects covered in the very exhaustive treatise in Jinx issues 35 through 47.

Regardless of the thousand and one moves for this effect, here Is an original routine to be used as the opening, designed to eliminate the usual unorthodox repeated "hands to pocket" moves. The three (?) balls only, used In the trick, lay openly on the left palm, and cups can be examined.

This opening routine ends nevertheless with the fourth ball under one of the cups and ready for your next move which requires this hidden ball, and is illusive enough to baffle the closest observer. Owing to the fact that the fourth ball must be second-third crotch palmed throughout this beginning, the 3/4 inch size or smaller balls must be used.

(1) The other three balls are shown on left palm, while cups are examined.

(2) Right removes one of the three balls from left and lays it beside cup A. Right picks up cup and sets it over ball, BUT STEALS IT with the "fourth finger crook" move.

(3) Right again removes one of the two remaining balls shown in left, BUT leaves the ball stolen from cup A, the left closing slightly to conceal this. Right lays second ball beside cup B, covers the ball with cup as before, BUT AGAIN steals it away.

(4) This time the right does not remove the ball from left. Instead, the left brings up to its fingertips supposedly the last ball, placing It beside cup C. Actually there are two balls left in hand.

(5) Right takes up cup C, but before covering ball there is a slight hesitation, as a short remark is made, and during this pause the right hand holding cup rests slightly on left semi-closed fist, dropping the ball stolen from cup

B into it. Now cup is set over ball C, and AGAIN stolen.

(6) The right first finger now magically touches each cup in turn to cause the vanishment of balls thereunder. They are to fly back to their original place, the left hand. As the hand gradually opens, the right first finger strokes the two balls AND ADDS THE LAST STOLEN BALL, making a total of three.

(7) You now still have the fourth ball crotch palmed in right, and as you lift the cups In turn to show that the bails really have gone, the palmed ball is left under one of them ready for further moves.


Older than the hills Is the blowing out of a match through the opposite sleeve. Decidedly different from "clicking" or "flicking" the lower end of the burning taper is this innovation. Prom a paper of matches tear one. It is between the thumb and right first finger. Second finger giving aid, the light stick is slightly bent at about Its center. Now the lower half is between thumb and forefinger as the head turns to blow into left sleeve. The head of the match burns. It was lighted during the bending process. The flat lower portion snaps over between the fingers, and the upper half swings through a sudden arc, caused by the bend, sufficiently enough to extinguish the flame. The rubbing action of the thumb and finger makes it turn over. Just take a match in hand to understand. It fools he who knows about all those extra motions.

Dear Ted;

•Way back when "The Jinx" was a toddler In knee pants I remember you wanted subscribers to send in their little problems In the hope that, two heads being better than one, a solution could be reached. Since then I have run into something. A stone wall! Possibly you can help me.

Effect: Magi shows a cardboard container with no top, to all appearances unprepared. Inside Is a small bulb which is hooked up


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