The flashing is comparatively simple. A glance at the complete code, however, shows that the chief difficulty arises in the receiving. The medium need not necessarily memorise the code for it may be on a card in her hand. How is she to know which letter is being sent when more than one is in the ?roup coded? In eatih case where there are-more than one the letter most likely to appear is given first and the others follow in order of probability of appearance. Where there are only two the medium names the first in a hesitant manner. If she is correct, signal a dot, whereupon she becomes positive. If not correct, there is no signal and the medium switches to the other letter in a positive manner. Id the EMW group she starts with an £. If wrong she says, "No, it seems to be tinned the wrong way. Perhaps it is an M — ", or "Yes, I see now, it is a W." You, of course, signal a dot at the right point. That leaves two groups in which difficulty might be experienced, namely TLVX and AFNHYKZ. Here the medium can state that she sees many letters none of which are very clear, and then proceeds to name all in the group one by one until she receives your signal. Or, during her talk of cloudiness, you may send a few dots to denote which of the letters in the series is the one. Then her vision clears. It must be realised that a lot depends upon common sense when coding a word. There are many letters which couldn't possibly follow others, and experience plus acuteness will make things much easier than they read.

(Note by Annemann: This phase of "Moonlight Madness" could have been edited out as not being sufficiently practical for the general run of words. However, I think the principle of dot-dashing as applied to the groups and requiring no practice or memory for the sender is very clever and worthy of being studied. As it stands it is excellent for initials, and, while some may consider it just as well in the long pull to send figures from 1 to 26 to designate letters, we think an advantage to many will be in the fact that the assistant-medium-wife-sweetheart won't have to study long.and hard. However, this way or no, the ingenious grouping of letters with simple


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