Pseudo Psychometry

This, trick, to my mind, is one of the greatest one man psychic effects used to puzzle an audience It has all of the elements necessary to make a great talk-maker,and a performer with only a bit of showmanship can't help but make a good thing of It. One with a decent amount of that valuable asset will create an astounding impression whenever he presents the test.

Last, but far from least, the effect needs very little preparation, and it can succeed mi. der most exacting conditions. In short, we have before us an idea with unlimited scope. Another of those rare secrets wherein the method is nothing and the effect as seen through' the eyes of the audience everything. The people who witness the performance of these individual te3ts will never tumble to the simple detail that makes it possible, the enormity of what the performer attempts completely overshadows the means by whichit is accomplished.

A packet of letter envelopes is all that is needed at any time by the performer.

About a dozen of these are passed out to spectators and the performer returns to the front. Requesting those with envelopes to pay strict attention he continues. They are to put into their envelopes some single article and personal belonging that is on their person. It can be a fountain pen, tie clasp, ribbon coin, hairpin, button, knife, pencil,handkerchief,card,ring,in fact ANYTHING of that nature that can be sealed Inside the envelope.During this time the performer may be turned around so that he in no way sees what is placed in any of the envelopes. This looks important to the audience but it actually means nothing insofar as the working of the trick goes.

Once the envelopes are ready the performer has them collected by a member of the audience and brought forward.This spectator mixes them and hands one to the performer. He deliberately tears off the end of envelope and dumps the contents into his hand. Turning whatever it might be over and over he DESCRIBES A PERSON -GIVING THE SEX, TYPE, APPROXIMATE AGE (if a man),AND A FEW DETAILS OP THEIR DRESS.He then holds the article so all can see and asks owner to acknowledge it. They stand and turn out to be the one described!

Another envelope is opened and the article once more seemingly gives a clue regarding the characteristics of the owner. This time, however, the performer walks among the aud


As each envelope is handed him, the performer succes-fully describes-describes and finds-or merely locates the owner of the property.The patter is about psychometry. Mediums of this type have ability to 'see' and locate people by touching some personal belonging. In this case, instead of revealing information about a 'dear one', the performer is able,through the same power,to describe and locate the owners of the property he handles.

As I have said before the audience never thinks that the important detail is right under their noses.They all try to fathom how the performer is able to trace the owner of the trinket each time,it being obvious that he didn't see what any person furnished, or know in what order the mixed envelopes might be collected and given him. And thU3 we have a test that can be made large or small-fast or slow as desired, he secret lies entirely in the envelopes. IT IS ONLY NECESSARY TO KNOW TO WHOM EACH ENVELOPE BELONGS! My method of marking is to open envelope with flap towards you, and write a figure lightly on inside of side which is nearest you, about an inch from left end. Have these In order from 1 to 10. It is far from difficult to remember who get these envelopes as they are passed out In numerical order from left to right,and by skipping a person between each or through some other system of layout, the envelopes are spread over the crowd but in an order performer can trace. Those who have learned memory principles will be able to pass them at random and tie up each spectator mentally with the envelope given him. In tearing open an envelope have flap side towards you.Tear off a half-inch from left end. Right thumb and fingers are at top and bottom edges with flap now turned towards floor, and contents are tipped into left hand. The number is near edge on Inside looking up at youl Dog ear one envelope instead of marking inside.When you get it you know the owner without opening. You apparently get a stronger impression this time, describe the person,locate them and return envelope still sealed.It makes a marked variation. A marvelous stage version for two is possible. After passing envelopes the performer Introduces a medium, blindfolds her and leaves for a position behind drop from where he can see audience and communicate with her. She directs the sealing and collecting. She sees key number each time by looking down,cues performer with a simple finger code,and he gives her a description of owner with details of clothes and appearance.This version is a stunner for publicity with Lost and Pound Departments.

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