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2.-The Two Balls, Placed one under each of the End Cups, pass successively under the Middle One. ~ A ball is apparently placed under "C," really palmed. "A" and "B" are raised to show nothing under them, really for the purpose of secretly inserting the ball under "B." Second ball is presumably placed under "A," but palmed as before. Performer now pretends to pull the first ball through the top of "C," showing the palmed ball at the finger tips. This is apparently placed in the left hand (palmed) which then simulates the action of throwing it under "B." Right hand raises the middle cup, showing that the ball has passed, then when replacing it secretly introduces the second ball. With a wave of the wand the performer now command« the ball, supposed to be under "A," to pass under the middle oup, which is then raised and the two balls discovered. End cups knocked over with the wand and found empty.

3.-The Two Balls, placed under the Center Cup, pass under the End Cups. — Picks up and exhibits both balls in the right hand, then when seeming to replace both under the middle cup, replaces one only, palming the other. Raises the end cups to show empty and when replacing them, secretly Introduces the palmed ball under nC." Commands one of the balls to leave "B" and pass under one of the end cups. Raises "B," showing one ball only then, when apparently replacing it under the oup, palms it as before. The palmed ball is now secretly Inserted under "A," in the act of raising it to look for the first ball, which is finally discovered under "C." Remaining ball ordered to pass under "A," where it is eventually found; center oup knocked over and found empty.


l.-Pass to obtain Third Ball from Pocket. — Right hand takes up one of the two balls from the table and aotually transfers it to the left hand, which actually places it under "A," both hands being then inserted, momentarily, in the trousers pockets. Right hand then takes up the second ball and actually places it under f when both hand« «70 once more placed in thtt pockets and slowly withdrawn - the right hand has palmed a third ball from the pocket. The performer remarks, "NowI ladles and gentlemen, you have all seen me place a ball under eaoh of these two cups," and suiting the action to the word, he Ifakes up "C," the empty one, and places it over "B," introducing the palmed ball between the two. Then before he can proceed further someone is sure to express the opinion that the balls are in his pockets; otherwise he pretends to overhear a remark to that effect. He pretends not to understand at first, but is eventually obliged to confess himself caught, then continues, %elll I merely did that to make sure you were watching me. (Derisive laughter.) I am so pleased you noticed it, as that shows you are taking an Interest in what I am doing. Now, as you are so satisfied as to the correct disposition of the balls, I may order them to return to the cups." Slap the pockets on either side, then turn over "A," revealing the ball which has been there right along. Right hand


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