Of all spelling ideas this has claim to being the most novel to date. The hardest part is to bring the selected card to 3rd from tne top. You may use your own method, but I have a fair appearing way that you may like. Make a key card by pencil dotting the upper left and lower right corners of any one. Have it on the bottom.

Spread deck and while your back is turned have one drawn and placed on top of spread. Deck is squared and cut by spectator. Turn around and spread deck a second time. "Is that what you did while my back was turned?" Go through the same operations. But although you appear to carelessly draw out a card and put it on top, you pull out the card second above the key which you spot in spread. Turn it over before it is free from spread so that it levers upper portion of spread slightly forward as shown. Place card on top. When you square deck, the upper portion will be jogged a bit forward, and when you push the two halves together, the thumb in back holds a small break between the halves. Deck is cut at this break bringing chosen card third from top.

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