Playing Cars Squiggles

Our previous contests, puzzles, and what-not quizz propositions never did have enough popular appeal to make them worthwhile. For some reason magi are immune to such things. They just want to read and do the tricks inside the covers of what they buy and have no inclination for figuring out something which is of no use before an audience.

But, with a prayer, we try again, using an idea which should be a novelty item for every magus even if he doesn't tell us about it.

"Squiggles" is quite an appropriate appellation for the making of pictures, sketches, drawings or as you will, on the faces of playing cards so as to logically and coherently make use of the suit spots thereon. The U6e of the index spots is not necessary, but it will help. Also, as one will realize when he starts to conceive, the more spots on a card the more ingenuity needed. It is within the realm of possibility to make up an entire deck of cards which have been "squiggled".

We like the thought as much as that hobby of many magicians, the acquisition of decks of cards bearing the signatures of their co-workers. So here's the proposition. If it doesn't work out you can rest assured that we'll shy off all such things for a long, long time.

Dig up some old cards, set them up against something and stand away. Distance helps, and if you squint vour eye6 a little and U6e your imagination no" little, maybe you'11 get an idea.

Sketch it out as best you can. Art in drawing doesn't mean a thing to us for we have to screw a ruler down before we can draw a straight line. The IDEAS vill win. What? Well, there are thirteen (13) prizes. The first is a complete file of The Jinx from No. 1 through No. 100. That's $30 out of the cash register for there are but few of such left idle.

Prize number two is a 100 issue subscription to start at the date of the contest's closing - high noon on April 19th, 1941, just six months from now, in case you're* Pro-crastinator who likes to think about things for five months and twenty-nine days before Koing into action. It also will give a lot of magic club members time to compare pips and try secretly to outdo each other.

Prize number three is a 50 issue subscrip

tion to start as will the number two prize but it will last only half as long which may be just as well for we'll no doubt be filling up blank spaces and short columns with stray "squiggles" for a long time.

From four to thirteen includes the next ten awards. They're not so good, but the subscriptions will laet long enough at least for the lucky man to find out who won the first three tickets. It's a 16 issue sub for the ten, if you want to pin us down.

There are three judges, each one an amateur squiggler, picked by us because they would otherwise give stiff competition. That's one of the strategic moves we have learned from the present U.S. administration. In alphabetical order they are Abril Lamarque, L. Vosburgh Lyons , and Clayton Rawson. Separately,and alone, they will mark their respective 13 choices from all entries. All such contributions of worth, whether bearing one, two or three marks, will be handed over to a final Judge for THE final selection. Automatically and mandatory he will arrange the array of squiggles as per the number of check marks on each, and then have the job of determining the "ties".

NO JUDGE WILL KNOW THE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON WHO HAS SUBMITTED ANY PARTICULAR SKETCH OR DESCRIBED IDEA. ThereforĀ«, It is POSITIVELY NECESSARY that YOU make your drawing, or write your description with any perfunctory sketch, on ONE side of a CJJ3AN sheet of paper or card and send it to THE JINX, Waverly, New York. U.S.A., together with an accompanying sheet of paper bearing your name and address.

The purpose of all this is merely to see what happens. There's nothing to buy, and you don't have to clip off part of a Jinx cat and attach it to your entry. You don't even have to read or like The Jinx. If such a person wins a prize he can use it as a gift to someone for whom he has no especial liking.

A few suggestions are reproduced here. Once you have started you'll find it very difficult not to 8top until the entire deck has been made into "picture" cards.

We'll often print some of the results, nameless, of course, but they will be our own personal fill-ins having nothing to do with the final results. That judge will be selected later, from among unimpeachable magi.

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