Pastiche kim arthur

hen more than one person helps In a card effect and the revelations are different from each other, there seems to be a better reaction from the onlookers, that is, as long as things aren't drawn out too much.

Borrow someone's deck, have it shuffled, and offer it to spectator #1 for a selection. Turn your back while he shows it to the others, and at this moment peek at the deck's top card and remember it.

Undercut the deck, have the card returned to the top of the original upper half, place the lower half on top of all, but keep a break with the left little finger and pass all to the top as you go towards spectator #2. Another method for this would be to 'make use of the Hindu Shuffle (Jinx #56) which needs no cover and is done before their very eyes.

Spectator #2 chooses a card from the fanned deck, and again you turn your back while he shows it around. At this moment you lift off the top card of the deck, push a small packet of cards (about six or seven) to the right with your left thumb and after flipping them over face up on the pack, the lifted off top card is dropped back.

Turn back to the spectator, undercut again, and have his card replaced on top. Put the lower half on top, hold a break, and make a pass on the way towards spectator #3. Or, once again use the Hindu Shuffle.

While you are drafting the third gentleman, the rear end of the top card is levered up ana the index finger of the right hand enters the opening and draws out the second card from the top which is handed to the spectator face down to be used as a stabber card. It is pushed into the deck at any spot. You cut the cards there, turning the top half over (face up) to mark the cut for a moment. The stiletto card is placed on the bottom and the deck placed on the table while you take pencil and paper and write a prophecy. It is folded and dropped somewhere in plain view.

nbw pick up the deal and fan it openly but carefully until you come to what looks like the cutting point, fanning a few cards past, but being careful of the race up card a few below. The race down card at the brenk is taken by spect«tor #3, but he is told to pocket it for the time being without looking at it.

And now for the denouements. Up until this time the action has been very fair and clean cut. It has taken very little time. The deck is laid on the outstretched p«lm of m«n #1. He names his card and is told to turn the deck over. IT STARES HIM IN THE PACE. The performer now asks that the deck be handed man #2. He names his card and it told to fan the deck face down. His card IS REVERSED EI THE DECK. The spectator #3 is now reminded th«t you wrote something on the paper BEFORE he selected a card of his own choice. He reads the paper aloud. Then he removes the card from his pocket. IT IS THE SAMS. And everything has been perfectly impromptu from the start. The action throughout is very smooth and there are none of the usual quick moves and underhanded peeks that the audience can get their teeth into. Everything of a tricky nature is done in an instant when your back is logically turned.



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