list includes only a few of all the Tibetan Gods. This character uses his secret knowledge to track down arch-villains,to the delight of his readers and the annoyance of the villains.

Enough of this, however» to the wars. Three playing cards, printed as Green Lamas are shown. (Regarding this point see editor's note at end of article) They are placed in a face down row, end to end. On to each, at right angles,are dealt two cards. Then, to one side, are dealt three indifferent cards in a pile.

The first of the original three stacks is picked up and the Lama card openly pushed between the two other cards. The muter, you, mutters "Qn-mani-padme-hum", (a Tibetan prayer saying, "Hail the shining jewel in the lotus blossom", and, allegorically, "Greater glory to aiddha". The three cards are shown to be indifferent to the prayer. But the Lama card has vanished. The off-side indifferent heap Is fanned face up and the Lama card is among them.

The second original stack is picked up and Its Lama card inserted. In the same manner it is shown to have disappeared, and then revealed to have travelled to the off-side pile. In the last Instance, some spectator holds the pack while the Lama again vanishes from its packet. The performer shows the orf-side stack now containing all three Lama cards,and all is open for inspection by the unbelievers.

Aside from the ability to mumble "Ckn-mani-padme-hum" reverently, one needs only three Lama cards, a simple false count, a double lift, and a bit of faith.

Put the three Lama cards under the top, indifferent, card of the deck. Double lift and show a Lama

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