Pagan Papers

The performer shows three sheets of tissue paper, one red, one white, said one blue; also two wine glasses which are plaoed respectively to his right and left.

The piece of blue paper is crushed into a ball and the piece of white paper rolled around it. These two pieces are dropped into the wine glass at tiie right of the performer.

The piece of red paper is crushed into a ball and dropped into the wine glass on the left, A few mesmerlo-llke passes are made and the ball of white paper removed from the glass and unrolled, when it is seen that the blue paper has disappeared.

The white paper is re-rolled into a ball and dropped into the glass again, this time the <* and its contents being covered with a silk handkerchief. More of the passes are made and the silk Is removed to show the glass empty.

Turning to the glass which has remained to his left,the performer removes the ball of red paper, which, upon being unrolled, is found to contain the ball of white paper. And upon this being unrolled there Is revealed the ball of blue paper.

RequlrenBnts: Pour pieces of tissue paper about ten inches square. Two of the pieces are white, one is blue, and one is red. Two wine glasses and a silk handkerchief complete the Items.

Preparations One of sheets of white paper is rolled into a ball and placed behind the silk handkerchief which is bunched loosely-

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near the rear of the table. The wine glasses stand like sentinels, one at each front comer of the table. The three sheets of paper remaining are plaoed near the front edge of table.

Presentation: Casually indicating the glasses, the performer picks up the sheets of paper, showing them separately. The white sheet is replaced on the table first, in suoh a manner that it covers the silk and the ball of white tissue paper. The piece of red paper is placed on top of the white sheet but nearer to the front of the table. The blue paper is retained and crushed into a ball, then being held by the thumb and finger of the left hand while the thumb and first finger of the right hand pick up both the piece of white paper and the ball of tissue (which latter is, of course, concealed at the back of the sheet).

The ball of blue paper is then plaoed against the white paper which then is rolled around it. This Is done with both hands, and in the action of giving the white and blue papers a final crumple, the ball of white paper is pressed a-galnst the ball of blue and white, both being held at fingers tips and shown as one ball. In dropping the white and blue papers into the wine glass, the ball of white is really dropped, the ball of white and blue being retained and finger-palmed in the right hand. Picking up the sheet of red paper it is crushed into a ball, the palmed ball (white and blue) being surreptitiously Introduced. This ball is dropped into the glass on the left. The first part of the effect is already done, and the final vanish of the paper from glass Is worked by the well known method of reversing the glass under the cloak of the handkerchief.

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