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reincarnation (continued from page 349)

page (3) Is removed. When apparently removing the top page (2) the thumb Is on the corner of page (3) underneath, due to the comer being removed from the top page (2). Due to the preparation of page (3) it will come away Very easily and still sound like it is being torn away. As soon as this page (3) is clear of the pad, put pad hack on table and start folding page (3) to match page (4) Dalmed in left hand. Have spectator follow your aotions, with his page (1).

Be careful during the folding Of your page (3) that the writing is hot revealed. By the time he starts the folding of hla page (1) your page (3) is completed. During the time he la finishing the folding of his page (1), Still under your verbal directions, switch page (3) m your left hand for page (4).

When spectator has finished folding his |>age (1) remove a Match fromjthe box, light it and aet fire to your page (4) and drop on tray. ®hen hand matches to spectator and have him do the same with his page (1). As soon as he strikes match reach Into coat with left hand which has page (3) palmed. Load this Into nest of envelopes, fold flaps over giving a firm rub, bring them out and lay on table in full view. While paper la burning start the buildup. After the spectator's page is completey destroyed have him open envelopes. Inside the laBt envelope la the same page he has Just burned. Stunning isn't the word for the effect chls creates.

The strong points of this routine are as follows! 1 - The magician never touches the spectator's page. 2 - The spectator folds and bums his own paper. 3 - If someone knows about colored carbon paper, the fact that the only other page that was handled was burned, erases any thought that they might have along these lines. 4 - The nest of envelopes are on the table while the still burning page is in hand of spectator. 5 - The freeness in the discovery of the page in the envelopes.

METHOD #2: In this method the only difference is in the fact that the carbon copy Is burned by the spectator, while the original page is found in the envelopes.

After the spectator has written on page (1) pick up Dad and look at what he has written, aaylng, "I see you have written so and so. It is strange, but this was written by another person about four weeks ago during a performance." Ask him if he knows this person, giving a name. During this bit of byplay you shove back the corner of top page (1) and get a grip on corner of page (3). Pull it out with the tearing sound making it very realistic ani lay on table with writing side up during conversation. This gives spectator the oarbon copy. The magician then tears off top page (1) and follows routine as explained. This puts the original in nest of envelopes.

To select either one or the other of the two methods would Just be a case of suiting the style of the individual performer, because a very close comparison would be neoessary to distinguish the original from the oarbon, and this never happens in either method.

Another angle would be to have the last three pages of the pad set up with a green sheet of oarbon. Thus a choice of red or green pencils could be given and the pad opened up from either side.


wmi henderson

Of all mysteries in the realm of magic," the performs* says, "the East Indian Needle Peat Is supreme." (See Jink No. 1 - Ed.) He natters On, "in the presentation of that oriental deception, one which must have been developed f£oa the fe&t of laying on sharpened spikes, thS fakir swallows from 25 to 30 needles and follows this repast with several yards of thread And a glass of water. After incantations of doubtful origin the needles and thread aie up-chucked, and the sewing appliances found threaded upon that product of the spinner's aft." (Note before go inn; farther, whlre In hell did you get that "up-chucked" bit? Ed.V

Stating Sjhat he is Just li^hning the effect and is not yet too proficient, the performer offefs to show the basic part of the trick with one needle and a foot of thread.

Needle and thread are examined. Performer places in mouth, swallows, and then regurgitates (still at it, eh? Ed.) Something has gone wroftg» Several small ends of thread are through the eye of the needle; "but the audience, I hope, can get a rough idea of what the Hindu does, albeit in reverse."

Page 3S1

This is merely and adaptation of a very old puzzle, I.e., putting from fifteen to twenty lengths of thread through the eye of a single needle. Por those who haven't their ancient puzzle books at hand -- take a length of thread about three feet long; draw through a piece of wax to prevent strands from clinging when moistened by saliva; thread needle in usual manner. Call short end of thread through needle eye "A" and longer end "B". About two Inches from needle eye split strand "B" by pressing point of needle through thread, forming a loop around needle. Thread is drawn up over eye until it lies hard against strand "B". The loop thus formed is pulled so split passes through eye. Each time the split passes through eye and additional strand of thread is put through. Continue until eye is too full to accomodate more pulling; get split at top of loops; cut split out and leave just several loose 2 inch strands in eye. Loosely tie each énd of strands with small piece of thread and Cut knots off close. Purpose of this Is to prevent strands entangling in mouth, when needle is produced, draw fingers and thumb over ends of threads to remove tie and permit strandi to be shown sepárate. Threads in needle are wrapped around eye and needle placed under edge of coat on right aide, conv^niant for clutching between second and third finger tips with needle running point toward base of fingers.

To switch needless Hold unprepared needle in right hand at tip of first finger and thumb. Drop it into hand at base of fingers, at same time pushing faked needle Into view with eye and threads covered by fingers. Place in mouth. Then take thread and swallow balled up or keep under lip until able to dispose of it. Finiahl

Effect: This Is one of those extremely effective stunts which the subjeot remembers for many a year and thlnka about whenever he has you in his mind. It makes a nice number also for the press.

A card is selected, replaced and the deok shuffled. The performer shows a card and asks if it is the chosen one. The answer is, "no." this card Is placed on the table and the spectator told to cover It with his hand. The performer now tells him to look intently at his (performer's) forehead and imagine he sees an Image of his selected card.

When the spectator finally admits he has visualised the oard on the performer's forehead he is told to look under his hand. He turns the oard over and the climax is reached. The oard now bears a picture of the performer's face, and on the forehead is represented the oorreot oardI The oard may be left with the spectator as a souvenir — and also ad.

Explanations It is necessary to have made up a number of photo oards as per the one illustrated. Blank playing cards are easy to secure and after a out is made of proper slse a printer will do the rest. However, if one only wants it as an impromptu stunt and doesn't care about the advertising possibilities, he may make but one oard, trimming down an actual photo and pastelng it to oard. The card represented on forehead should be an ace because of it having but a single spot, and there isn't much room.

No doubt everyone will have a different way of presenting this. It is only neoessary to foroe the ace of clubs which can be done by the regulation fan foroe or a slip force to out, the photo oard being near bottom of deok. Upon the oard being replaoed in deck it is lost as it is not needed again. The deok is shuffled and the photo oard brought to top. A double lift shows the second oard but it is not the one. The top oard (photo) is then dealt off on table as the one just shown.

Or, the photo oard may be second from bottom. The aoe is forced and returned to center.

A dovetail shuffle or so doesn't affeot the bottom two oards. The deok Is now held In left hand face down and the bottom card shown. It Is not the one so deok is turned faOe down again, and the bottom card apparently dropped face down on table. However, the glide is used, the bottom card drawn back, and the photo oard dropped Instead.

No matter which methods one uses however, the general effect of the spectator holding on to a oard and looking at performer's forehead to make a mental picture of the chosen card, and the subsequent denouement, all go to make a very different kind of "card trick" which will utay in the minds of those who see it.

EDITRIVIA (continued from page 547)

easier. Puzzle dept. What happened to Chester Morris and John Mulholland? NBC advance press releases built up their cutting In from Hollywood and N.Y.C. Instead they were out out. From "an inaccessible spot in Florida" wire was read from Madame Houdinl, as was also one from not so Inaccessible Hardeen, now doing nightly stint in N.Y. revue "Hells a Poppin." It was a great night for Houdlnl and Jim Sherman and magio. The Halloween night (NBO - 9 P.M. EST) broadcast announced should be another good one. It must make some of the boys feel like a subimago for not possessing originality enough to engineer air and press breaks, their only ohahoe of getting phis« in papers being to expose something« something they don't do themselves.

A1 Melners, who has marketed several glrnlcs of a meohanioal nature for Magi, has hit a lulu with his oigarette making gadget. With 40 olgs

Page to a bag for a nickle and no waste, it beats previous devices and looks like a clean up for him next year at World's Fair time. —- Mogul, master of the folded message took count for robbery of his oar. That is, up to nine. The slickers left behind one thing. A complete file of The Jinx. Question is still open as to whether or not they were really slickers. —- That man of magio billed as Pierre Cartier and playing in violnlty of N.Y. looks a lot like Keith Clark and does the same trioks, too. — Douglas Geoffrey, baok from tour of India, is new manager of Gen Grant's magio shop. Mohammed Doug demonstrates while Oen master minds. — Prank Lane pays some of his bills with rauohly repaired dollar bills. Then be wonders hew people in magio know one of his main trioks. --- Style flash via N.Y. Daily Mirrori"Magician Paul Duke at Rookerfeller Gardens, in green oheviot suit, grey checked shirt, green tie." QABBATHAI

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