Anew and original version of the card and balloon trick is this effect of Josef Bauer's taken from Ivlagi, of Denmark. It is easily constructed, and has the advantage over other tricks inasmuch as it does not need preparation or setting.

and brought to the top of deck. The performer now dovetail shuffles openly, keeping the top card in place., and asks that he be told when to stop the mixing. The balloon is blown up as much as it will stand to make a loud report, put into place, and the deck inserted face out. As it is rested on baloon, it is pressed firmly against the wax, and top card is secured. The deck drops free, the selected card is left in view, and it is removed and tossed out.

The illustrations tell practically the whole story. A card is chosen, marked if desired, and shuffled back into the deck. A balloon is now blown up and inserted between the wire loop holders on stand. The deck is placed into the hole in the holder, the lower end of pack resting on the balloon. The wire loops, being fastened onto a tight fitting slide, can be pushed up to the right position as deck is put in place.

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