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explosion of their theory.

I will now refer tothat "magnetlser" effect In which the performer gives a demonstration of "personal magnetism" by causing articles to cling to his fingers. reraonally I did not care for the original version as I considered the approach rather flim3ey. Thefact that that the assiatant feels a decided "resistance" when the article is being removed from the fingers suggests one thing, "Slue."», despite the fact that we describe it as "Magnetism." Then the idea of preparing the fingers In advance sounds very well but In practise did not prove very successful as others may have noticed that the magnetic "fluid" is too magnetic sa^a to resist "dirt." To overcome these I have evolved the "Human Magnet" which stands up to my requirements. £>o subtle and deliberate are the moves that I do not hesitate in saying that it will fool not only the layman but the magician who is already doing this effect. Now to the business side of it.

Obtain one of those torch fountain pens and remove the blub and fittings from the light end. Open the pen in the center and fill the bottom half with the "magnetising fluid". I shall describe my recipe later on. The lower half of the pen acts as the reserve chamber for the fluid and you always carry it about so that you are "Everready" like the pen for a demonstration. Now get a wad of cotton and push it down the

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